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Thinking Inside the Box: Unconventional and Creative Ways to Utilize a Storage Unit

admin | Jan 05, 2018

Storage units are great for storing things. Who knew? That doesn’t have to be the only thing they’re for, however. Simply put: a storage unit is a private rental space you can use for your specific needs (unless you need a place to live. Then we recommend finding an apartment). If you need a safe place to keep extra furniture or boxes, great! If your needs are a little more particular, that’s great too.

Here are four unconventional and creative ways to utilize a storage unit we’ve heard of during our time in the industry:

A versatile space maker

These days, with the internet helping to connect like-minded people, it’s a lot easier to start your own business from the ground up. Sometimes the ground up means not having a space to develop your business. That’s where a storage unit comes in.

Storage units can be a stepping stone between your living space and an independent storefront. You can use one to store all the inventory for your online store or as a place to work and focus without the sort of non-stop interruption a coffee shop or other space can bring.

A climate controlled, moisture free personal library

Books are also some of the best things ever. Anybody who loves them knows how hard it can be to give a single one. They also take up way too much space. Anybody who loves them probably knows that, too, even if they won't admit it.

So… why not put a few shelves up in a climate-controlled storage unit and have a library that’s all your own? You can trust that the books are taken care of in a low-moisture, high-security unit and you can visit every time you need a fresh new read.

A slightly less expensive private gym

When you think private gym, you think of celebrities with endless amounts of disposable income. That doesn’t have to be the case!

A storage unit gives a place to store your gear and work out in private. They can be a simple and cheap way to have your own space to feel comfortable and kick some exercise butt.

A practice studio

Whether you live in mom’s basement, in an apartment, with your spouse, or just about anywhere else, it’s hard to find place to practice with your rockstar friends. But it doesn't have to be!

A self serve twenty-four hour storage unit could be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a place without anyone else to bother, four walls, and an outlet to plug in your keyboard. Don’t let your creative spirit falter - rock out with reckless abandon.

We’d like to note that these options aren’t perfectly suited for all storage unit facilities out there. If you plan on trying one of these offbeat uses yourself, talk to the facility manager first. If you’re not hurting anyone or using anything that doesn’t belong to you, most places will be amenable.

No matter what you’re doing, having a rental storage unit has an endless number of benefits, and the ones available at Storage Direct are the best of the best.