How to Keep Your Storage Unit Organized From the Get Go

admin | November 16, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

A.A. Milne once said, "Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up." Getting organized is the first step toward a stress-free, clutter-free life. This applies to your schedule, your work, your home, and yes - even your storage unit.

The best time to organize your storage unit is right when you start moving things into it. If you can establish an organizational system now, you’ll won’t have to worry about getting disorganized in the future! Here are some easy tips for how to best organize your storage unit right from the start:

Store everything in small boxes of similar sizes.

This will make it much easier to stack and store your boxes in an easy-to-manage way. We recommend using identical, clear, hard plastic boxes in small-to-medium sizes. Hard plastic is far less vulnerable to damage than cardboard. It’s also sturdier and less likely to give way when stacked.

Large boxes, especially large cardboard boxes, tend to be surprisingly fragile and cumbersome. They’re also harder to move, manage, and dig through. In general, use the smallest boxes you can naturally fit your stuff into. More boxes tend to be better than boxes that are too big.

Plan out the space before you put anything inside.

This doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. Figure out where you want to keep the things you’re storing and why. Ask questions: Is there anything you’ll need quick and easy access to? You should keep that near the front. Is there anything you’d be comfortable leaving alone for a long time? You could probably move that to the back. Do you need open lanes to navigate through your stuff? Is there anything that needs to be on top of a stack? Will you need a place to sit while you work on something or go through a box? Where should you put your particularly fragile items? Your particularly heavy items?

The more planning you do before you start moving your items into your unit, the better. Consider drawing a map to help you conceptualize how you want to lay everything out!

Label, label, label.

Label every box you’re putting away. Label them by category, weight, use, storage area, or anything else. Assign them multiple labels of varying specificity. Label! All of these labels will really help you find whatever you’re looking for later on.

Start by numbering each of your boxes. Use these numbers to create a master list of items. You can write: “1--cooking supplies. Pans (x2), pots (x2), silverware…” and so on. After that, write down the room where the items came from and where you want them to go. You could even keep this master list in the storage unit for convenient consultation. Knowing where your things are goes a long way toward making sure nothing gets lost or wasted. The best way to know where things are is to label, label, label!

Create a master list of what's inside - and where it is.

We mentioned this earlier, but we’re circling back because it’s the most important tip here. When you put things in storage, it’s not because you want to get rid of them. Otherwise, you’d just throw those things away. Instead, it’s because you need to put them away in a safe space.

Put a number on each box in your unit. As you pack them, write down everything that is in each numbered box. Keep this list somewhere accessible such as on the wall just inside your unit. You should also make a copy of the list to keep at home or on your computer. That way, you’ll always know where particular items are, even without going to storage. Lists like these will help you to make sure nothing gets lost. It’ll also make every trip you take to your storage unit far faster and more convenient.


If you want to be a successful storage unit owner, treat it as an extension of your own home. By organizing, you’ll be able to utilize your space much more effectively.

If you ever decide it’s time for a storage unit, call the team at Storage Direct. We’ll help you find a solution that suits all of your needs.