Why Storage Units are Perfect for College Students

admin | September 21, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

College is a time of great change for most young folks. You’re discovering who you are, what you want, and the sort of people you want to spend time with. You’re becoming an adult! Awesome, right? Awesome… but also terrifying.

After all, adulthood means paying your own bills, scheduling your own appointments, and figuring out what to do with your stuff. While Storage Direct can’t send in a check or call your doctor, we can help with the stuff problem. Self-storage is the perfect summer solution for busy, space-lacking college students. 

Don't believe us? We’ll break it down.

Many facilities offer month-to-month agreements. 

Not having to commit to length, year-long contracts give you the flexibility you need. As a college student, you’ll likely move or travel very frequently. You might not have any good, permanent place to store things. You might not be able to afford long-term storage. If you need temporary, low-maintenance storage, a storage unit is perfect. Keeping your stuff in storage will let you hold onto it while you chase opportunities without worry. 

Personalized unit sizes. 

The sort of storage units a business owner or family would need don't line up with the needs of a college student. Luckily, there are plenty of self-storage companies out there that offer a wide variety of unit sizes

These offerings allow you to rent only the space you need, keeping your things stored safely within a reasonable budget. If you're wondering, most students we've spoken to have found a 5 x 5 unit to be perfect for their needs.

You can get your stuff whenever you need it.

Most modern self-storage companies offer 24-hour access to your unit. You probably couldn't even get that kind of access if you left your things at your parent's place. When you're young, you need to be able to take opportunities as they're presented. That means being able to get to your mountain bike, camera bag, or surf gear at 3 AM.

In the end: flexibility makes all the difference.

What you need is the ability to come and go and get your things whenever you need them, day or night. That’s what self-storage units provide. They give you the flexibility to live your college years the way you want. If life throws you a curveball, your things will be safe while you figure it out.

Self-storage gives you a low-cost way to live freely without losing access to the possessions you value most. If you’re interested in seeing how customizable storage solutions from Storage Direct could benefit you or your student, give us a call today.