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5 Things That Benefit Most from Climate-Controlled Storage

admin | Feb 22, 2018

Climate-controlled storage units protect your valuables not only from potential loss or thievery, but from weather-related dangers, as well. There are a ton of reasons why you’d want to use climate-controlled storage units. If you live somewhere very humid, the temperature in your home fluctuates, or you’re storing things for a long time, you should consider climate-controlled storage.

All kinds of commonly-stored items benefit greatly from climate-controlled storage. In fact, there are several items we’d argue need a climate-controlled environment. If you want to store any of these five types of valuables, you should definitely look into climate-controlled storage.

Important papers, photographs, and mementos

There’s a reason certain things are important to you. Maybe they belonged someone important or they bring back special memories. Keeping stuff like that safe means ensuring you’ll always have a way to remember those people and memories.

Storing important papers, photos, and mementos in climate-controlled storage helps keep them safe from the elements and potential disaster. They’ll still be easily accessible whenever you need them, but you’ll know they’re safe in the meantime.

Wooden furniture

When unprotected wood is exposed to the natural humidity of unprotected environments, it expands to absorbs that moisture. As the wood dries and releases the moisture, it contracts back down to its regular size. If wood takes on moisture or dries too quickly, however, parts of it could change size faster than others. This phenomenon, called “warping”, could permanently change the shape of wood, or even significantly damage it.

The only reliable way to prevent wood warping is to keep sensitive wooden objects in controlled environments. If you expose wooden furniture like chairs or stools to changing temperatures, they could warp significantly over time. If you have to put wooden furniture away, you’ll need to keep it in climate-controlled storage. If you don’t, it might not be the same shape it is now when you come back for it!

Bottles of wine

Did you know that fluctuating temperatures can actually negatively affect the taste of wine? If you're a wine collector who doesn't quite have the funds for their own personal wine cellar, a climate-controlled storage unit can be the perfect alternative. Climate control allows you to keep your wine safe, tasting great, and aging in an appropriate setting.


Sensitive collectibles like stamps, comics, books, or trading cards are best suited for climate-controlled storage. You don't want to potentially affect their resale value. A warped Black Lotus Magic the Gathering card is worth thousands less than it would be if it had been protected inside a climate-controlled storage unit.

If you want your collectibles increase in value over time instead of depreciating, you have to keep them safe from humidity and temperature fluctuations.

Musical instruments

Musical instruments are usually made out of climate-sensitive materials. If they aren't stored in a regulated environment, warping could change or even ruin their sound. Virtually every instrument can be adversely affected by climate fluctuations. Piano strings can rust; Guitars can warp in high heat; drumheads can become brittle and crack. Even a tuba isn’t immune to corrosion, rust, or warping damage!

Instruments are delicate, and they to be maintained carefully. Part of that maintenance means keeping them somewhere safe.

If you’re interested in learning more about the best climate-controlled storage solutions in the area, look no further than Storage Direct. Give us a call today and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about how to best take care of the valuable things in your life.

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