Tips from a Manager

We asked our site managers to give us their best piece of storage advice!
In no particular order, here are their answers...

"One of the best pieces of advice is a reminder that while storage unit sizes are listed in two dimensions, taking advantage of that third dimension is an important part of fitting everything in. Storage units generally are between 8 and 10  feet tall and your items can always be stacked!"
Jeanne, CA Area Manager, Bakersfield, CA.

"Life gets busy, sign up for Auto Bill Pay!"
Kaila, Delhi Mini Storage, Delhi, CA.

"Best price doesn’t always mean the best  value. Take into consideration price, hours, visual appeal, security, etc."
Diane, Storage Direct, Woodbridge, VA.

"A good piece of storage advice would be to carefully plan how you will pack your storage unit. Bringing in shelving units and creating aisles in a big unit is a great way to organize and have easy access to your items as needed. To pack with no need to access items frequently, see the unit as a puzzle, packing with little empty space between items."
Stephanie, CA Area Manager, Fontana, CA

"Put your boxes on something that is water proof, so nothing gets ruined"
Todd, Daytona RV & Boat Storage, Perris, CA.

"Always rent one size bigger than what you think you need!"
Shane, A-Ardvark Self Storage, San Diego, CA.

"Pay on time!"
Faby, LK Mini Storage, Fontana, CA.

"Use trash cans to store shovels, hoes and rakes."
Rebecca, Water Tower Storage, Cedar Park, TX. 

"Use plastic covers for furniture"
Eder, U-Store Bell, Bell, CA.

"Know what your wanting to store, organize the items somewhat before searching for a facility."
Breece, Malibu Mini Storage, Las Vegas, NV.

"Make sure you lock your unit before you leave"
Janine, Storage Direct, Corona, CA.

"To prevent odors in your refrigerator, freezer or washing machine, put a couple of scoops of coffee grounds in an old panty hose and place in appliances."
John, Storage Direct, Phoenix, AZ.

"Make sure you see the unit before renting."
Brandy, Storage Direct @ Silverado, Las Vegas, NV.

"Always store with Storage Direct!"
Namiah, Storage Direct @ Silverado, Las Vegas, NV.

"Participating in our StoreSafe Lease Program is an added benefit for your items safety."
Elizabeth, Storage Direct, Chatsworth, CA.

"It’s better to have a little extra space than not enough, look at the various size units we offer."
Kevin, Storage Direct @ Bermuda, Las Vegas, NV.

"Pay rent on time so you don't get locked out or put into auction."
Tina, Storage Direct, Corona, CA.