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How Do People Stay Organized After Moving?

admin | Jun 26, 2017

The process of moving into a new house or apartment is stressful. The emotional impact of leaving one home for another, the work of packing and lugging boxes, the decision of which things you want to put into storage, and so on, and so forth. Then, after all that work, once you’re in your new place… you have to unpack everything!

This leads to the age old question: how do people stay organized after moving? No, seriously, how do they? By having a plan, and sticking to it - that's how. Keep unpacking stress free by following these tips.

Have a Game Plan

This is going to be the most important step when it comes to staying organized throughout the entirety of your move, and not just the first half. Creating a game plan means thinking about how you will be unpacking things before you even start packing them. It means making sure the right things go in the right boxes, everything is labeled properly, your movers know which boxes go in which rooms, and you know how you plan on tackling everything.

Think about which of your possessions are most important to you and plan your unpacking accordingly. If you work from home, it might be more prudent for you to unpack your office first, but if you have four hungry kids it might be best to tackle the kitchen. Think about these things in advance so you don’t have to worry about them while you’re standing in a house filled with boxes.

Do it ASAP

Don’t wait. We’ve all heard the horror stories about seeing yet-to-be-unpacked boxes in someone’s place… five years after they move in. Don’t let that happen. Give yourself no more than a few days to rest after the move, then start unpacking. It becomes a lot easier to put things off the longer you wait to start them in the first place.

Unpack One Room at a Time

Have you ever tried to read a bunch of different books at once? It works for some people, but for most they end up reading a few pages into each book and never finishing any of them. That’s the same thing that happens if you try to unpack everything, everywhere, all at once. Instead, focus on one room at a time and unpack it to completion before moving on to the next room. It will make it a lot easier to finish everything without too much mess.

It’s Never Too Late to Put Things Into Storage

It’s not a rule that you’re only allowed to put things into storage before you move. If, in the process of unpacking your boxes, you find that the things you have aren’t fitting properly into your new space, that’s okay! Don’t force your things to fit the space, make the space fit your things. It’s okay to decide to rent a storage unit so you can have extra room to put things away – temporarily or permanently – after you’ve moved into your new place.

It’s okay to realize that you have too many things for your new space and that some of them need to be put away. Recognizing that and addressing it promptly is a big part of staying organized after a move. Whenever you need that little extra push, Storage Direct is always happy to help.

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