The Only Place to Get U-haul Trucks in Laguna Beach

admin | July 21, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Storage Direct’s facility in Laguna Beach is located at 20522 Laguna Canyon Road. As of now, it remains the only business in Laguna Beach where you can rent U-haul trucks. If you’re looking for a convenient place to pack, store, or plan for your move, Storage Direct Laguna Beach has you covered.

Storage Direct’s Laguna Beach location is ideal as a “staging site” for your move for several reasons. Each of our location’s amenities and special considerations are designed to help ensure you have as painless and successful a move as possible. If you use Storage Direct’s facility in Laguna Beach, these are the ways we can help you move better:

U-haul Trucks

U-haul trucks are available for rental on-site or as part of your online rental. You can rent your truck for as long or short a time as you require it. Storage Direct’s Laguna Beach location is designed to make it as easy to drive the trucks into and out of the facility as possible. All you have to do is rent the truck, load it up, and go. If you need to make multiple trips, that’s what the storage unit is for.

Drive-up Access

Storage Direct Laguna Beach offers many units that are drive-up accessible. All you have to do is input your unique access code at the gate and pull through directly; no need to leave your vehicle or interact with staff.

Drive-up units have garage-like roll-up doors you can back up to. You pull right up, pull open your unit’s door, load and unload your u-haul truck or vehicle directly at your unit, and pull off again easily when you’re done. Everything about the process is as quick, convenient, and painless as possible.

Flexible Options

Would you actually prefer an indoor storage unit for some particular fragile or temperature-sensitive items? Do you only need a little bit of space for a short period of time? Need a big unit for storing… everything you own? No problem! Storage Direct Laguna Beach has what you need.

Laguna Beach maintains units in sizes ranging from 5’X5’ up to 20’X25’ as both inside and outdoor, drive-up options. Indoor units are accessible by stairs, elevator, and ramps, to make moving in and outside as easy as possible. If you have any special considerations you’ll need accommodated, call ahead to (949) 518-0936 and our staff will be more than happy to help.

On-site Supplies and Assistance (under normal circumstances)

Under most circumstances, Storage Direct Laguna Beach’s office is open seven days a week. During office hours, our on-site staff will answer any questions you may have and help you move in and out of your unit. We even maintain an on-site moving supply store in case you need boxes, packing tape, or any other moving supplies.

Unfortunately, these aren’t normal circumstances. Storage Direct has closed all of our offices in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, including Laguna Beach’s. Your unit is still accessible during all normal hours of operation, but staff won’t be there. If you do need staff help, you can always call and request it at (949) 518-0936. We’re always willing to help make your move better.

Hands-off Help

Storage Direct’s staff can always be right with you to help, but that doesn’t mean they have to be. If you’re concerned about practicing safe social distancing, don’t worry: you can access your Laguna Beach storage unit without coming into contact with any staff whatsoever.

All you have to do is input your access code at the gate. Our security system will automatically let you in, and then you can drive to your unit directly or park and access indoor units with your code. Then, you just open up your unit, drop off or take what you need, and get moving again. You can even make your initial rental and bill payments online or over the phone. There’s no need to come face-to-face with any staff member unless you want to.


Whether you’re looking for a quick and convenient “home page” for your upcoming move or you need a more permanent storage site for stuff you can’t quite move or get rid of, Storage Direct’s Laguna Beach location could be the perfect solution.

Get in touch by calling (949) 518-0936 or make your rental online. We can coordinate truck rental, access, and any special considerations over the phone or via email. Everyone here at Storage Direct Laguna Beach is ready to provide whatever you need to make your move a success.