How to Transport Storage Items Safely During the COVID-19 Outbreak

admin | May 19, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

You’re probably thinking about all the places the coronavirus could be lurking every time you leave your home right now. That sadly justifiable anxiety probably makes using your storage unit especially stressful. The last thing you want is to accidentally carry the COVID-19-causing virus around with you… or even back to your home!

Fortunately, this frightening scenario is easily avoided by taking a few extra precautions. Whenever you pick something up or drop something off at your storage unit, simply follow these disinfection safety tips:

Small Items

Follow these steps for anything small and light enough for a persona to easily carry in one hand:

1. Disinfect

The best way to disinfect an item always depends on the item. If you can safely wash it with soap and water, that’s our first recommendation. Wash your hands and then use soapy water and a washcloth to thoroughly scrub down the item before you take it outside or pack it up.

If you can’t wash the item with water for whatever reason, then we recommend wiping it down thoroughly with a disinfecting wipe. Use wipes that have “kills 99.9% of bacteria/germs” written on the label.

2. Wrap it up

As soon as you’re doing cleaning and drying off the item, wrap it in protective covering. Disinfect the wrapping itself if it’s been exposed to potentially risky conditions.

Ideally, you would use bubble wrap or plastic, but you could also use clean cloth or paper. Wrap each item thoroughly using tape or other fasteners as necessary. Wrap up as many items individually as you can. If you don’t have the material to do that, you could wrap together items that belong in the same area.

3. Box them up

After wrapping up your items, sort and store them in boxes before you leave for storage or go back home. Ideally, you’ll use hard plastic boxes but cardboard boxes will work too. Make sure you disinfect the boxes themselves, both before you put anything inside them and before you bring them inside!

Medium-sized Items

Follow these instructions for anything too big to fit in a box but small enough for one person to carry:

1. Disinfect

Before you leave your home or storage unit, make a “disinfection area” by spreading out a tarp or plastic sheet. Bring each item (or box of small items) over to your disinfection area to clean them before you transport them.

Disinfect your medium items the same way you did your small items. Clean anything you can with soapy water directly. If you can’t clean it with water, clean it with a spray bottle and washcloth or disinfectant wipe. Try to be as thorough as possible.

2. Wrap and label

Try to wrap up your medium-sized items as much as you can. Plastic or bubble wrap is still ideal. Clean towels are another good option if you can secure them well enough. You could also fold up your items in paper, using tape to keep it all together.

When you have your items wrapped up, make sure you label them so you know what they are! Be especially careful not to forget which items are fragile. Make a plan for where you’re going to move these items and how you’re going to transport them before you pack.

Large Items

Follow these instructions for anything too large, heavy, or cumbersome for one person to carry (furniture, mattresses, etc.):

1. Disinfect

Carry large items to your disinfection area and clean them one at a time. We highly recommend ammonia and water or soap and water for any applicable furniture. Make sure you wipe down every nook and cranny as thoroughly as possible. If you absolutely can’t wash the item conventionally, wipe down anything you can with disinfectant wipes.

2. Disassemble

While you’re cleaning your large items, take this opportunity to remove any detachable elements of your large item, such as drawers or shelves. Wipe these down separately and treat them as their own small or medium-sized items. Label them so you know where they go when it’s time to re-assemble!

3. Wrap corners and prepare to move

You probably can’t wrap up your large item completely. Instead, wrap the parts that you think might come into contact with other surfaces.

Wear some gloves with a good grip and face masks whenever you’re moving your large items. Make sure you have a tarp or similar wrapping laid out to place the item on during transportation.

4. Re-clean or disinfect

When you arrive at your destination, clean and/or disinfect your items again before you take them inside. This will help make sure you don’t inadvertently transport any germs you picked up during transportation inside on your item.


Like so many other parts of our lives, moving our stuff back-and-forth to storage is a little more complicated than usual right now. If you can follow these steps, however, you’ll stay safe and responsible on each of your trips.

Have more questions about how to stay safe at your self-storage during the COVID-19 outbreak? Need more information about renting a storage unit? Storage Direct is still open and waiting for your call. Stay safe!