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How Do I Avoid The Biggest Moving Worries?

admin | Aug 01, 2017

Everybody knows that moving can be stressful. It’s time consuming, anxiety inducing, and hard to manage. There are so many moving parts to keep track of! Like with any potentially stressful endeavor, worrying about what could go wrong when you’re moving usually just leads to more problems. That’s where we come in.

We talked to a number of people in all stages of the stressful process and discovered their top moving worries. Here are those worries, and how you can avoid them.

How am I ever going to pack all of this stuff?

We’ve all been there: you’re facing a mountain of things that need to be packed in every corner of your home. Stopped by the sheer enormity of everything you need to get done, you end up getting nothing done. Don’t fret! First, breathe and take a minute to relax.

Second, break down the process into smaller tasks. Do one room at a time. Decide what you’re going to do, and then do it. Choose small tasks you can easily accomplish and take care of them one at a time. Don’t worry about the whole, larger task all at once. As you work one room at a time, you’ll feel accomplishment, not anxiety as you move along. You’ll be done packing before you know it.

Is there any way to make packing easier?

Another way to not only make both packing and unpacking easier is to pay special attention to the way you label your boxes. Using color-coding and labeling is a small effort that can go a very long way. If you want to avoid this potentially stressful step all together, you can always hire professional packers to do the job for you. We recommend reading further about how to prepare for their arrival before making the call.

How am I going to make sure that my things don’t get damaged in the move?

You might think that making sure your things don't get damaged during a move takes some effort, but really all you need for a scratch, break, and bend-free move is a little time to prepare. Here are a few of our best tips:

  • Disassemble all pieces of furniture you can and wrap those pieces, as well as the full ones, in moving blankets.
  • Purchase a nice big roll of bubble wrap. Wrap all breakables up and secure them in place with clear moving tape. We won’t lie: it’ll be annoying to unpack everything, but it’ll be more than worth it when all your most valuable things are safe and sound.
  • Make sure you have proper floor and door frame coverings for the act of moving itself. When property and valuables get damaged during a move, it’s usually because a mover accidentally drops or hits something against a door or the ceiling.

As an added bonus, we have plenty of item-specific moving blogs available on the Storage Direct blog. From gun safes to plants to grandfather clocks, we've got you covered.

Am I forgetting something?

If you cover the last two worries with the right amount of preparation, it's likely that your move will be trouble free. There's always that nagging concern, however, that you might have missed something. A few of the most common things people forget when moving include: signing up for mail forwarding, letting loved ones know about your new address, and making sure to transfer utility bills to your new residence.

Moving can be worrisome, but it doesn’t have to be. No matter what concerns plagues you, preparation and consideration can make a world of difference. Plus, no matter what supplies or help you need during your next move, Storage Direct can help.

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