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The Best Ways to Store Your Sporting Gear

admin | Sep 01, 2017

Sport is great, no matter the variety. It helps release endorphins, improve relationships, and in general is a great hobby and pastime for millions of people worldwide. There’s only one real downside: a lot of different sports come with a lot of different gear. If you have sporting gear that you’d like to put into storage, whether it’s for the season or more long term, we’ve laid out best practices for storing some of the most popular varieties of sporting goods out there.

Golf clubs

If you're going to store golf clubs long term, look into climate-controlled storage facilities. High humidity or temperatures can warp expensive clubs over time, leading to them becoming useless. Before you put them away, give them a thorough cleaning (and drying since you don't want mold to develop) before placing them in your bag and, if you have one, then covering it with a rain cover. As long as clubs don't get too hot or wet, they'll be just fine in long term storage.

Inflatable balls like footballs, basketballs, and volleyballs

Our best recommendation with these types of balls is to deflate them before storage. While fully inflated and put away, they will only slowly deflate over time and take up a lot of space in the process. You can store them flat in a plastic bin to both keep them safe and reduce the square footage they take up.

Snowboards and skis

Just like we recommend before putting just about anything in storage, give them a good and thorough cleaning. After that, for both snowboards and skis, give them a thick coat of wax to prevent them from drying out while put away. Wrap your gear in plastic or, if you have one, a board or ski bag, to prevent dust accumulation and you should be good to go.


Once again, clean it. Your best option for long-term storage is to take your bike apart to it's separate pieces: frame, fork, bracket, wheels, gears. That doesn't work for everyone, however, and you can keep your bike in good condition by just cleaning thoroughly and making sure to grease everything up (WD-40 works great) before putting it away. The biggest concern with bike storage is the wheels. You will need to either remove them or store your bike in a way that keeps the wheels from touching the ground so dreaded flat spots don’t occur.

Tennis rackets

As with most sporting equipment, tennis rackets are sensitive to extreme temperatures. Heat in particular will cause racket strings to loosen faster than natural which will in turn lead to them needing to be restrung more often, which can be a financial burden. Our recommendations when storing rackets long term include finding a temperature-controlled facility and using a wide and low storage container for easy access when it comes time to unpack.

No matter what your favorite sport is or whether or not you’re a pro, Storage Direct has the long term storage solutions for any activity aficionado. If there are any types of gear you don’t see listed above and would like some advice on, contact us today and we’ll be happy to update the post to include your particular pastime.

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