Temperature and Weather-controlled Storage Units in Middleboro

admin | July 29, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Storage Direct’s Middleboro location is conveniently located at 104 W Grove St. Along with many other security and accessibility amenities, Storage Direct Middleboro maintains a large suite of temperature controlled units. Whether you’re looking for quick moving help or a long-term storage solution, Storage Direct Middleboro is ready to help.

Climate controlled storage units are essential for storing anything in a place with variable humidity, weather, or temperature like Middleboro. It’s not enough to simply provide climate control, however. In order to make truly effective use of climate controlled storage units, the facility that uses them must be built to accommodate them. Here’s how the experts at Storage Direct Middleboro ensure that our facility accommodates you and your temperature-sensitive materials as effectively as possible.

Climate controlled units

The climate controlled storage units at Storage Direct Middleboro are located on the second and third floors of the facility. They are accessible via multiple conventional and large freight elevators for ease of access and transportation. Staff at Middleboro ensure the units stay between 55 and 80° using central air and heat. We also carefully monitor humidity levels and adjust as necessary to ensure a suitably dry, safe environment.

Climate controlled units are available in a wide variety of different sizes depending on your needs. You can rent a unit yourself online or over the phone at (508) 544-0532. Let us know what you’d like to store and we’ll be able to suggest the right unit for it. Climate controlled units are perfect for storing furniture, fabric, electronics, art, and many other valuable possessions. If you’re wondering whether your item warrants climate controlled storage, give us a call and we’ll give our expert opinion.

Covered loading site

The car and equipment-accessible entrance to the elevators that will take you up to your climate controlled storage are covered by a tunnel. Renters are able to drive from our front gate all the way through to the covered tunnel long wide, accessible driveways. You’ll be able to stay out of the weather at all times while transporting sensitive materials to and from your climate controlled storage unit.

Extended hours

Storage Direct Middleboro is accessible from 6am to 9pm every day. All you need to access your storage unit at any time during business hours is your access code and personal storage unit key. Just pull up to the gate, enter your code, and drive to your unit. There’s no need for personal check-ins, even if you’re coming inside to enter your climate controlled unit.

Video surveillance and individual alarms

Storage Direct Middleboro maintains a cutting-edge security system throughout the facility. Our electronic gate uses personalized access codes that are uniquely generated for each renter and never reused. We maintain 24/7 video surveillance throughout the facility, inside and outside. Even our individual storage systems are equipped with alarm systems in case of break-ins. When you store at Storage Direct Middleboro, our dedicated staff wants you to be absolutely sure that we’re keeping your valuables safe.

Hands-on Help (under normal circumstances)

Under normal circumstances, Storage Direct Middleboro’s offices are open from 8:30am to 5pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 5pm on Saturday. The managers at Storage Direct Middleboro are professionals with years of experience who are ready to provide clean and safe units, answer your questions, and help you move in or out successfully. We even (usually) maintain an on-site supply store, so you can buy boxes, tape, and any other moving supplies you may need when you arrive.

Of course, these are not normal circumstances. To do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Storage Direct has temporarily closed all of our offices. Unfortunately, our supply store will be closed until further notice, as well. Don’t worry: you can still access your unit during all regular business hours. In fact, if you have any questions or need any help, feel free to call our experts at (508) 544-0532. We’re still happy to help out with whatever you need.


Whether you need climate controlled storage, accessible drive-up storage, or expert self-storage assistance, Storage Direct Middleboro is the facility for you. Whatever you need to store, we have the right unit for you.

If you’re ready to rent a storage unit, you can rent online now or call (508) 544-0532 for more information. We can get you the climate controlled storage you need while maintaining social distancing, no problem.