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Summer Projects 101: What is the Best Way to Arrange Garden Supplies?

admin | Jul 14, 2019

Last month we started our summer project series with a step by step guide for cleaning out the garage. This month we’re taking the space saving and organizational plans outside to your garden. Nobody wants to waste the time they could have spent tending tomatoes searching for lost gardening tools. 

Whether they’re big, small, or in-between, we’ll walk you through how to best store and arrange your gardening supplies. That way, you can spend gardening season growing as much vegetation as possible instead of digging through the shed.

Take stock of what you have.

The first step of this process is deciding which gardening supplies you want to keep and which you want to toss. We've talked about the idea of only keeping what you actively use before in our post about the KonMari method. This philosophy applies here. Take everything and lay it out in your yard or driveway. Go through all of your gardening supplies and only keep the things you regularly use or plan on regularly using. Get rid of duplicates, anything broken, and anything worn out.

During this process, take the time to clean all the things you plan on keeping. Living life in a garage or shed can get dirty and dusty. Since you’re already taking the time to reorganize, you might as well also freshen things up.

Determine where you want to store your things.

Before you decide how you’re going to put things away, you have to decide where you’re going to put them. During gardening season, you want your tools to be accessible so they won’t be in a storage unit like they could be during the offseason. Having a chosen, dedicated spot for your gardening supplies will help you more easily keep them organized. 

Options can be a dedicated space in your garage, an outdoor shed, or even a mobile cart. Think about what will make your life easier. Do you have a lot of tools that will need their specific space and places? Are your supplies small and manageable? Do you want mobility? How often are you willing to run back and forth to get the things you need? Make the choice as to where before you settle on how.

Choose how to separate things.

Once again you’re going to want to think about how you garden and what you grow. There are a few main ways to organize your gardening supplies. You can go by size, by frequency of use, or by type. 

For instance, you can use a peg board to hang up your long-handled tools while using small pots for the short-handled ones. You can make a special easy-to-grab container for your most-used tools while the rest are cleaned and put into bins. Your organization options are endless as long as you’re considering how your choices will make your life easier.

Use a little creativity.

You’ve already parsed your collection. You’ve cleaned it up and created a dedicated space for it. You’ve figured out how you want to separate things. Now is your chance to put everything away in the way that works best for you. Here are some of our favorite ideas:


Organization is the key to success when it comes to any sort of project completion. These tips will help you keep better control of your gardening supplies. Now, you can spend your summer the right way: growing flowers, vegetables, and enjoying your hobby. 

For further help organizing any of your other things, you can call the team at Storage Direct. We have self-storage solutions big and small to fit anyone’s needs.

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