Summer Projects 101: Emptying the Entryway

admin | August 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

The entryway is an especially important part of your home. It’s the space that greets visitors as they arrive, forming their initial opinions of your living space. It’s the place you put the things you need most on your way in or out, from rain boots to key rings.  Entryways are catch-all areas that serve many different purposes and support many different needs. They also can become disorganized, messy, and haphazard very quickly.

We’ve already talked about how to clean your garage and arrange your garden supplies in this ongoing summer project series. As summer is ending, so is this series. This final installment will be all about how you can better care for your entryway so it looks nice, works well, and stays organized.

Don’t forget about the floors.

Your entryway is the transitory point between the inside and the outside. This means a lot more dirt and grime can gather here than other parts of your home. Circumvent this problem by putting doormats at every entrance. If you want to take things further, there are plenty of machine washable entryway runners made of sturdy material on the market. 

Another way to keep your floors fresh is by making sure any shoe storage is off the ground. There are plenty of shoe storage options out there that go beyond a pile of sneakers and sandals.

Don’t let clutter build up.

Because entryways tend to be narrow, it's easy for them to become overwhelmed by things. This is especially true if you have a console table or similar piece of furniture in your entry for things like mail and keys. The frequent coming and going of family members can leave abandoned papers, clothing, and other "things to remember later." Avoid this by creating a decluttering plan. 

Talk to your family and choose one member to clear out the entry way at the end of every day. Remind everyone that things have a place and that place isn't random. Once you start thinking about how clutter develops in this space, it'll become easier to avoid it.

Look into alternative storage solutions. 

There's nothing wrong with investing in some new storage solutions while clearing out your entryway. Two ways to utilize your space smartly are by looking for wall-mounted storage or multi-use furniture. You can add storage to the entryway with wall-mounted solutions like cubbies, wall hooks, or a bulletin board for mail. 

Look for multi-use solutions like benches that also contain storage or a console table that has drawers. The more opportunity you have to choose dedicated places for your things, the easier it is to keep them organized.

Make a plan for cleaning. 

We've already suggested doing a daily sweep for loose odds and ends. Entryway clearing goes beyond just the clutter, however. Here are our recommended rules of thumb: sweep the floors weekly, mop them bi-weekly. 

Dust everything and clean the windows and mirrors weekly as well. These are all chores that won't take longer than five to ten minutes. Keeping things clean by turning it into a habit will make perpetuating the tidiness much easier.

Our final tip: put anything you want to keep but don’t want sitting around in a storage unit. There’s no harm in having an extra dedicated space for the things you love but don’t use often. 

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