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How to Store a Mattress Properly

admin | Feb 28, 2019

Maybe you’re about to embark on a country-wide road trip. Or you’re moving into your parent’s spare room while you save money to put a downpayment on a house. Or maybe you got hired by NASA to be a part of the first manned mission to Jupiter! Whatever the reason may be, sometimes when you go away you can’t take your things with you. That’s where storage units come in. Helpful, accessible, and affordable. Awesome, right?

But wait. What about your mattress? Can you even store a mattress in a storage unit? Won’t it get all… musty? Would you really want to use it ever again? These are all fair questions! In fact, storing a mattress is far safer and more hygienic than you might think. You just have to make sure you store it correctly. We can help with that! To make sure your mattress stays safe, soft, and comfortable while in storage, follow this simple guide.

First things first: clean it.

Over time, mattresses tend to collect all sorts of gross stuff like dust mites, hair, and sweat. If you're going to be putting yours away in storage, you'll want to thoroughly clean it first. It's fairly simple. First, vacuum it. Most modern vacuum cleaners have an upholstery attachment. Start at the top and work vertically up and down, making sure not to miss anything.

Next, you should deodorize it. Start by sprinkling baking soda onto the bed. Next, scrub it down with a scrub brush. Then, just let the baking soda sit for about ten to fifteen minutes. Afterward, vacuum again to remove any remnants of the baking soda. Now flip it and repeat the process before moving on to the next step.

Wrap it up.

Wrapping your mattress will help keep dust and other debris from piling up on your mattress while you store it. The quickest way to wrap a mattress is to purchase a mattress storage bag. You could easily find a good storage bag online.

If you'd rather not make that investment, however, you can wrap it in any sort of breathable cloth. Just avoid anything that could seal in unwanted moisture.

Store it in a climate-controlled space.

Since mattresses are made of fabrics and foams, high humidity can ruin them easily. Nobody wants to sleep on something stinky and mildewy. That’s why, if you are going to store a mattress, it’s best to keep it in a place that is dry and temperate.

When it comes to protecting a mattress from humidity, a climate-controlled storage unit is your best bet. Climate-controlled units control temperature and humidity to make sure your unit is exactly the way you want it. They’ll capably protect your mattress for as long as you need to store it.  

Lay it flat and don't store anything on top of it.

This won’t always be the most practical option (since storage space is limited), but it is the best option. Most traditional mattresses have a mechanical "skeleton" made of coils and other pieces inside.

If you store a mattress on its side for a long period of time, these inner workings can shift and warp. When you take it out again, it may not be comfortable to lay on. One way to save space but keep your mattress safe is to lay it on top of flat-topped furniture.


And that’s that! When you take your mattress back out of storage, repeat the baking soda and vacuum steps above. If you have a bed (or anything else) you need to store, you can rely on Storage Direct. We’ll connect you with the ideal storage unit for whatever your unique needs may be. Your mattress will be here when you need it.

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