The Right Way to Store Furniture in a Storage Unit

admin | March 7, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Arranging furniture in a storage unit can feel like a game of Tetris you just can’t win. When you rent a storage unit, you only have a limited amount of space. As you start storing, you’ll probably end up using up that space pretty quickly. Especially when you add big, bulky furniture into the mix.

Maintaining the integrity of your furniture when it goes into storage is important. You want to avoid damaging anything you’re moving and make sure it stays in good condition while you’re storing it. You also want to store it efficiently. We can help with each of those needs. Here are the best ways to store furniture in a storage unit safely and effectively.

Store your largest pieces vertically.

Try turning sofas, mattresses, and credenzas on their sides when fitting them into your storage unit. Each of these items have easy-to-manage shapes that you can easily fit together closely. Fitting this furniture sideways helps make a lot more space for the stuff you can’t re-position as easily.

If anything you’re storing sideways seems unsteady, wrap it in bubble wrap or fabric and prop it against something. The wrapping will help prevent scratching and other damage while propping up the furniture will help secure it. You should also store mirrors vertically whenever possible to avoid damaging them.

Disassemble whenever possible.

We know, it's a hassle… but it's a hassle that’ll save you a ton of space. Remove the legs from tables, take multi-part cabinets apart, and break down lamps. When you’re breaking down furniture, make sure you account for all the individual pieces. Put all the screws, bolts, or hinges you remove in a plastic bag and label that bag.

You should also consider taping the bag to the larger pieces of furniture it belongs with. However you choose to organize it, make sure you know where every piece of the disassembled furniture is. You’ll want to re-assemble it eventually!

Wrap up delicate items thoroughly.

It's not hard to give the things in storage unit enough space to be safe just by unpacking them willy-nilly. The problem is, that method of storing isn’t terribly efficient. You’ll end up wasting a lot of space, and you might run out of room before you’re done! The real art of storing is figuring out how to store everything you can as efficiently as possible. When it comes to figuring that out, there’s nothing more helpful than bubble wrap.

If you're packing a lot of furniture close together, we recommend using bubble wrap or similar padding whenever possible. You should always take special care to wrap up anything that’s particularly delicate or damageable. Things like vases, lamps, end tables, and stools all benefit from this treatment. You don’t have to use bubble wrap either (we suppose). Padded furniture covers, styrofoam, or even towels could all do the trick. Whatever you use, just be sure you use it!

Line the floor.

Unfortunately, the other items in your storage unit aren’t the only things that can hurt your furniture. You’ll have to make sure you don’t scrape your stuff against the walls or floor, too.

When you’re moving furniture into a unit, we recommend lining the unit’s floor with plastic sheeting. Sheeting is an effective, low-cost, and quick way to avoid a lot of common moving damage. It’ll also help make sure nothing gets lost or misplaced during the move. A screw is easier to find on a blue or yellow background than a grey one.

Now that you know how to efficiently store your furniture, you have to find the perfect place to store it. Luckily, you won’t have to look any further than Storage Direct. We’ve been providing personalized storage solutions all across the United States for years. We can keep you--and your furniture--safe.