How to Store Your Coin Collection

admin | November 24, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Coin collecting is an interesting and dynamic hobby held by thousands of different people. Some people collect coins because of their historical importance. Others collect coins as an investment. Some collectors simply keep collecting because they enjoy it. No matter why you collect coins, you know how important it is to keep your collection safe and secure.

This guide will help you protect your coins so they can avoid damage and decay. We’ll help you determine the biggest causes of degradation and how to avoid them. Just follow these simple tips to keep your prized possessions safe and undamaged.

1. Know what to watch out for.

There are a surprising number of things that can hurt your coin collection. Copper and silver are the most common metals used during coin production. Both of these metals are chemically sensitive to water vapor, which means they're sensitive to humidity. Extreme temperatures often lead to high humidity. If you store your coins in cold or hot places, humidity could warp or otherwise damage them over time.

Different kinds of acids could also damage your coins quite easily. Unfortunately, these kinds of acids are considerably more common than you’d think. Some collecting supplies like paper and cardboard could even contain coin-damaging acid compounds. The natural acids and oils that accumulate on human fingers can also rub off on coins and damage them over time. Taking care of your coin collection means paying attention to temperature, humidity, air pollution, handling, and storage material.

2. Choose what you use to store your coins in carefully.

There are a number of different things on the market to store your coins in. As a collector, you probably already know you shouldn’t just throw them into any old box, jar, or bag. Instead, invest in a non-degradable coin holder, coin album, or coin folder. Not only will these protect your coins from environmental dangers, but they’ll also allow you to better organize them.

If you have especially rare or valuable coins, consider looking into having a reputable coin grading service encapsulate them.

3. Choose where you store your coins carefully, too.

Good general rule: don't store your coin collection anywhere you wouldn't be comfortable spending the day yourself. That means nowhere too cold, humid, dry, or breezy. Ideally, if you want to keep your coins safe in the long term, your best option is a secure climate controlled storage unit. When you put your coins in storage, you can be sure we’ll protect them from theft, wear and tear, or disaster.

Your coin collection is an important extension of you. It’s a hobby, a passion, and an investment. Make sure you protect it to the best of your ability.


If you decide a storage unit is right for your coin collection, Storage Direct has the right option for you. Whatever your temperature, humidity, or security requirements, we’re more than willing to accommodate.