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How to Store Grandma's Fancy China

admin | Jun 06, 2019

It sits in her heavy oak hutch, only emerging for holidays and special occasions. It’s rarely talked about and even less frequently touched. No one knows exactly how old it is: Grandma’s fancy china. Sometimes it’s plain white, sometimes it has flowers printed on it, and sometimes it’s an entirely different pattern. It’s older than you, and it’s been part of your life for as long as you remember. Some day it will be yours. When that day comes, you want to make sure it stays a part of your life.

When you inherit the legendary Grandma’s china, you might be somewhat intimidated. What if you’re the one who finally breaks the stuff! You’ll be cursed--not to mention the confirmed klutz of the family! Luckily, with our help you’ll never have to worry about being the klutz of the family. Well, uh, not for this anyway. Follow this guide to protecting and storing china, and you’ll stay the favorite grandchild for years to come.

Before storing it, wipe everything down with a microfiber cloth.

China is precious, so you’ll want it to stay clean. Clean all the china you’re storing before you wrap it up. Simply wiping it down with a microfiber cloth should be enough for most pieces. If you use soapy water, make sure you dry off the pieces before you put them away.

Wrap everything up.

This is going to be the step that will take the longest, but it’s also the most important. You have multiple options for wrapping breakables, but we always recommend bubble wrap. Wrap everything and secure it with masking tape. Packing tape sticks better, but it can be difficult to remove later on, which could put the china at risk.

There are a few important things to consider when wrapping. First, keep lids and saucers wrapped individually. Wrap bubble wrap around both the inside and outside of all items. Make sure you don't wrap things too tightly.

Choose your storage bins.

You can find boxes specifically made for storing dinnerware. If you don't want to go out of your way for such specialty items, that's fine. Any sturdy plastic bin will work. Avoid cardboard, because the weight of china could be too much of it. You don't want to risk the bottom falling out on a box!

Store all flat items on their sides.

This may seem counterintuitive, but it does serve an important purpose. The edges of plates and similar items are proven to be stronger than the centers. By storing items on their side, you’re lowering the chance they’ll break even if you accidentally drop them. When you store these items in the boxes, add extra bubble wrap or other packing material anywhere you're able.

Label everything.

You should pretty much always label everything, but it’s especially important in this case. Make sure you always know exactly which box your china is in. Mark it “FRAGILE” or “CHINA” or “DON’T DROP THIS BOX WHATEVER YOU DO” or whatever else helps. If you always know where your china is, you’ll always know to handle it as carefully as possible.

Store them somewhere safe.

This is grandma’s fancy china we’re talking about. You can’t just throw it in the garage. You want it somewhere safe where you can access it on the rare occasions it’s needed. Your best bet is a safe, climate controlled storage unit. You’ll have peace of mind from the added security and china-protecting consistent temperatures.

Don’t stack the bins too high.

Don’t waste all that time wrapping, packing, and labeling your china by stacking the bins too high. You’re just asking for them to tip over. The higher you stack bins, the bigger the chance your wrapping won’t protect the china from falls.


If you’ve just inherited grandma’s fancy china and want to make sure it stays safe, give Storage Direct a call. We’re experts in making sure your things stay safe and are safe while in storage 24/7.

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