Maintaining Storage Unit Safety: A How-To Guide

admin | February 7, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Fun fact: when Cicero wrote "the safety of the people shall be the highest law," he was talking about storage units! ...Okay, maybe that isn’t true. Maybe he was actually talking about the best way to rule the Roman Republic. But the idea still stands! When it comes to storage units, nothing’s more important than safety.

Bearing Cicero’s (somewhat appropriated) wisdom in mind, we put together this simple how-to guide on maintaining storage unit safety. Storage unit safety is all about proper organization, secure access, and choosing the right company to partner with. This is how to do each of those things. Like they said in Ancient Rome - carpe repono spatium!

How to Maintain Your Possessions Safety

How your organize your unit is up to you and your particular needs. If you plan on storing sensitive or valuable items, however, there are a couple things you could do to protect them.

  • Wrap and/or store fragile items properly. Sometimes things move or shift inside a unit. You don’t want your antique vase to smash while it’s supposed to be safe!
  • Use airtight, hard plastic containers instead of cardboard. Cardboard boxes are susceptible to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Hard plastic does a much better job of keeping sensitive materials safe.
  • Consider using a temperature-controlled storage unit, especially if you’re storing materials that will be sensitive to humidity or temperature.
  • If you have to provide your own lock, research on the best lock options available. Don't buy locks with long shackles, because they're sensitive to bolt cutters. Look for a disc lock or cylinder lock that fits your needs, as these are the most difficult to physically break.

How to Maintain Your Safety

First, consider how easily (and safely) you can get in and out of your unit when you visit. This is especially relevant if you will visit your unit regularly. The number one thing you don't want to do is pile things up willy nilly. Avoid stacking things up in precarious piles that can topple over, hurting or even trapping you. To avoid that, use similarly-sized boxes.

Don’t make piles of boxes that are taller than you are. Label things thoroughly so you never have to dig to find anything. Consider creating a map of where you put things in the unit to reference before going inside. Any way you can simplify the process of finding and accessing things will improve accessibility and safety.

How to Choose a Storage Company to Partner With

When you choose a facility to store your goods, you want to make sure it's secure. After all, it's a place you'll be leaving things that are important to you. Here are several things you can do to verify the security before you commit to a facility:

  • Review the listed security features on their website.
  • Call the manager and ask to take a tour. Look for a place that is well lit inside and out. Find places that have access control systems and individual door alarms along with their cameras. Cameras are great, but you want facility that prevents burglaries, instead of one that simply helps catch them.
  • Go to online review sites to read reviews from real customers. Check what they're saying about safety. If you see a lot of red flags, you'll know it’s time to move on.


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