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Storage Unit Auctions: Advanced Tips and Tricks

admin | Oct 01, 2017

Storage unit auctions are an interesting and exciting facet of modern culture. If you're reading this post, it likely means that you’ve already visited a few and are more than aware of why they’re held and the way they work. If not, we recommend checking out our storage unit auction beginner’s guide before going any further.

At this point you know the basics. You know when to show up, where to show up, and how to bid. That’s why we’ve put together this list of advanced tips and tricks to help you truly make the most of your storage unit auction experience.

  • If you want to take a serious approach to storage unit auctions, make sure you have the supplies with you to properly tackle the process. A few pairs of work gloves and face masks will help you stay safe in some of the shadier units, and packing materials including but not limited to boxes, tape, tissue paper, and bubble wrap can help you be prepared for anything you might find.
  • Learn to pace yourself and don't get too caught up in the thrill of bidding on units. Weigh your options, take your time, and relax. You're more likely to spend wisely than blow through all your cash on a whim the first time there's a little challenge.
  • It's common practice for storage facilities to not let you use their dumpsters, so when you come back to clean things out make sure you have everything you need on hand to leave the unit behind looking clean and clear.
  • Luckily, these days there are many options when it comes to portable dumpsters and similar items.
  • Never forget to bring your own locks, because once you win a unit, you immediately become responsible for what is inside of it, and that includes that additional level of security.
  • Don't get into it always expecting to turn a profit. If you do this, you'll quickly become burnt out and miss out on a lot of potential finds. Like with any interest, practice makes perfect and it will take some time for you to hit your stride, find the best resources, and make the most of things.
  • Finally, our biggest and most important tip is to always spend time looking for new buyers. Just because you may have an eBay shop or you’re secured a few contacts doesn't mean there aren't more out there. The bigger your network is when it comes to selling, the easier it will be to move the items you find, especially if you find things that are particularly niche or valuable.

These tips are for storage unit auctions. If you have any other questions about storage units, how they work, and how you can rent one yourself instead of just bidding on them, the experts at Storage Direct are always there to help.