Storage Rental for Students: A Guide

admin | August 7, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Storage units are the perfect solution for students. They’re starting their adult lives and frequently traveling, learning, and living in far off places. Whether it’s a semester abroad, a summer job on the other side of the country, a few months backpacking in Europe, or just a really small apartment, there are a ton of reasons for students to stash their things safely for a while.

No matter what sort of storage solution your student is in need of, Storage Direct can help. We recommend that you ask the following questions when you’re trying to determine what type of storage unit is the best fit.

How many things do you have to put into storage?

It's easy enough to determine the size of the storage unit you need by gathering together everything you want to store and eying it up. Keep in mind, though, that when you rent a unit you'll likely want enough room to actually be able to walk in and get around.

Many providers offer a wide variety of sizes. You could get something as simple as 5' by 5' to put your clothes and textbooks in, or something a little bigger, for your futon and your guitar collection. You could even get something a lot bigger, for your guitar and your futon collection.

Do you have any valuables that might need special consideration?

For most young people, a good ol’ regular storage unit is all they’re going to need to store all their worldly possessions. Not everyone is the same, however, and you need to ask yourself if you have any items that need special consideration, such as paper products like comic books, or photographs that could benefit from being in a climate controlled unit.

Is accessibility a priority?

When do you plan on accessing your unit? When searching for the best fit, make sure to check office hours. Cast a wide net when considering locations instead of just going with whatever is closest without further research. Your storage unit should be as convenient as possible.

How long do you need the unit?

Most students are only going to need a storage unit on a month-by-month basis. If you're unsure how long you'll be storing your things, monthly leases are convenient. Alternately, it’s a good idea to look for places that offer discounts for long-term storage.

How do you plan on packing up your things?

Packing your things doesn’t have to mean just throwing them in a few bins and sticking them away. Making an effort to organize as you pack will make it easier to find the things you need quickly when you come back for them.

Whatever adventure awaits you or the student you’re doing this research for, Storage Direct has the facilities to keep the things you need safe… well, safe. Don’t forget: the world never stops spinning and there are always new things to experience, which is while we’ll always be happy to protect your things while you trailblaze.