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8 Questions to Ask When Moving In With Your Significant Other

admin | May 21, 2019

Moving in with your significant other is a big deal. It's a step toward serious commitment. It's a sign of willingness to open yourself up to another person. It's a challenge. It can be pretty scary. It doesn’t have to be too scary, however. Sit down with your loved one and answer these questions together.

By the time you reach the end, you’ll be ready to take the plunge - or you’ll realize that it’s not the right time.

Are you comfortable with your half of the finances?

Don't move in with someone who can't confidently commit to their half of expenses. If they shy away from talking about money, it's a big red flag. Try to work through it, but if you can't, skip the signing.

Have you been on an overnight trip together?

If not, it's a good way to test drive how you'll handle extended periods of time together. Another “great” thing about trips is that they’re usually stressful! You’ll get see how each of you handle stress, exhaustion, setbacks--and whatever else your trip throws out you--first hand!

Figuring out how you’ll handle these miniaturized versions of the challenges you’ll face when living together is a great way to literally stress-test how you’ll do together upon moving in. Plus, what an excuse for a road trip!

What are you going to do with all your stuff?

If you were both living on your own before deciding to cohabitate, you’ll both end up with stuff you don’t need. Chances are, your new place won’t have room to store all this stuff. Even if it somehow does, however, there will be plenty of stuff you don’t need multiple versions of. You don’t both need your big chili cooking pot! Just make chili together!

Obviously, there’s a “cheat code” to bypassing the potential complication of arguing about extra stuff. You could always get a storage unit to store some extra supplies while you figure everything out. Otherwise, you’ll simply have to sit down and decide what to keep and what to get rid of. The process might be long and contentious, but if you’re going to live together successfully, it has to happen.

Are you going to put both of your names on the lease?

It may feel uncomfortable to ask this, but it's important. You need to take care of yourself in case things don't work out. You both need to make sure a.) your butts are covered and b.) you're comfortable.

Do either of you have pets?

How comfortable are you with sharing pet responsibilities going forward? Are you willing to take care of their dog when they're out of town? Are they okay feeding the cat if they get up for work before you do?

Are you comfortable letting them see you at your worst?

Because it's going to happen. You might get the flu and food poisoning at the same time. They might lose their job, or a loved one. Living with someone means facing these things together.

How will you handle chores?

This includes a lot of things. Meal planning. Grocery shopping. Cleaning the bathroom. Cooking. Washing dishes. Taking out the garbage. Learn about their habits and compare them with your own. Find out how you two can co-exist and share responsibility before it's thrust upon you in real time.

What's your plan when it comes to having people over?

If you're moving in together, you have an idea of how your partner lives their life. However, if you don't talk about it first problems can occur. Nobody wants to come home from a tough day only to find six people in the middle of a loud Smash Brothers tournament wrestling for space on their couch.


At Storage Direct, We know how daunting moving in together can be. That’s why we offer THE timeless advice and the storage unit solutions you need to make things work… Or to cover your butt when they don’t. Good luck either way!

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