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Self-Storage Tips for Small Business Owners

admin | Nov 07, 2017

Running your own small business can be an overwhelming amount of work. You’re your own boss, janitor, accountant, salesperson, marketing department, and every other part that makes up a successful business. This is doubly difficult when you’re running your company from your kitchen table or a corner of the basement.

When you run your business from home it's hard to keep your work from permeating every corner of the house with all the paper, inventory, and stress that comes with it. That’s why we’re here today: to help you take your small business and make it more organized with these self-storage tips we’ve collected.

Use a climate-controlled storage unit for filing cabinets so your papers stays in one place

Paper storage can be intimidating, especially if you’re a small business owner, since there’s usually just so much of it. That’s where a storage unit comes in. Unlike your home, a storage unit won’t feel cluttered with a few big filing cabinets inside that can easily be organized based on your business needs. Another benefit is the climate-controlled options offered by many storage unit providers that can give you additional peace of mind that your paper goods are not only safe from being lost or stolen, but from natural mold and decay as well.

Take advantage of the small but manageable size of a storage unit for inventory

Here’s a surprise: the best thing storage units are for is… storage! When you’re working out of your home it’s easy to set something down and forget where it is minutes later, but if you keep all your inventory in a single place (such as a storage unit), you’ll always know that when you go there it will be where you chose it to. There are lots of cool modular storage furniture options out there these days that can help you create the inventory storeroom of your dreams without the overwhelming cost of renting a full office or storefront.

Utilize a unit to keep valuable items safe if you’re a reseller

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of climate control when it comes to paper goods, but it’s also helpful for vintage items. If you’re a vintage reseller who works with fabrics, furniture, and wood, you’re going to want to keep your inventory protected from moisture and the problems it brings. In addition to this, if you resell pricier goods such as jewelry or artwork, having 24/7 monitoring protect your inventory can save you a lot of potential stress in the long run.

Create a place where you can keep your work life separate from your home life

We’re not saying to move into a storage unit. It’s been done before and it never ends well for anyone. What we are saying is that a storage unit can be a stepping stone between working from your home and owning your first storefront. It can be your work space so that your home can become a place you use to relax and recharge. A small desk to sit at while you sort inventory, or a special picture hung on the wall can turn a cold unit into a space that embodies your business.

In case you haven’t realized while reading this, everybody at Storage Direct loves storage units. If you’re a small business owner, or anybody in need of a little more space for storage, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help.

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