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Self Storage & Subletting: A Perfect Match

admin | Mar 21, 2018

If you ever need to move out of a property that you're renting before your existing lease is up, subletting might arise as a consideration. With subletting, you find someone to take your place in the property for however long you're gone and they live in your space until you’re back to take up residence in your home, or until the pre-existing lease ends.

Whether you’re away on business, traveling abroad, or facing one of many other longer-than-a-weekend-but-not-forever living arrangements, subletting can be a great option. What’s not great are some of the worries that come with subletting, especially when it comes to your personal possessions.

That’s where storage unit rental comes in. It’s the best option for people who want to sublet but have some reservations. Let us tell you why:

  1. You don’t have to worry about your valuables being in the hands of someone you don’t know. Even if you spend a lot of time checking out the person who you’re allowing to sublet your place, there are always things that could slip through the cracks. Maybe they’re excellent, but their best friend likes to steal silverware and throw pillows. Maybe you’re incredibly attached to your book collection and, even if the rest of your furniture is fair game, can’t stand the thought of strange fingers flipping through your tomes. Maybe you have valuables that you don’t want to be carrying along with you, but you don’t want to leave them where you can’t watch them. Storage units solve that problem by giving you a place to put your things, big or small, where they’re not only safe from being taken but safe from weather damage and other harm.
  2. It’s easy, affordable, and accessible. Self storage isn’t prohibitively expensive, which makes it a viable option for people most likely to sublet: young folks. Compare and contrast various companies in your vicinity - some even have student discounts - and find the right mix of affordability and accessibility for your peace of mind and pocketbook.
  3. Self storage is paid for monthly to fit your specific needs. Renting a storage unit doesn’t have to be as serious a commitment as, say, marriage. Monthly programs without long-term contracts afford you flexibility that your apartment lease doesn’t. It also allows you to make decisions on the fly that might have been more stressful otherwise, such as deciding to stay abroad in Italy for an extra month after you meet the person of your dreams. You never know!

Long story short: subletting might seem intimidating, but with your most important valuables safe in a storage unit, it can be a good deal less stressful. Next time you want to pick up and find your own piece of adventure, Storage Direct has your back.

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