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Self Storage Resolutions for the New Year

admin | Dec 28, 2018

At the end of one year and the beginning of another, we’re always left feeling both hopeful and nostalgic. We look forward, look back, and enjoy our present. This time of reflection and contemplation is the perfect time to create new goals for the new year.

If you’re interested in chasing goals relating to storage and organization, then we’ve got you covered. The Storage Direct team has gathered our favorite self storage organization resolutions below. Start following these tips to get organized and start your new year off right.

Label everything.

Okay, we don’t mean label everything in your house. Paying more attention to labeling the items in your storage can make a huge difference. When you put things into a storage unit, you’re obviously not interacting with them every day. After awhile, it becomes easy to forget exactly where the stuff you stored is when you need it.

There are a number of easy and effective ways to label stored items. Start by labeling plastic bins with sheets of paper on the front. List what each of your plastic bins contain on these sheets. You could even number your bins and then create a map of your storage area. Write down where each numbered bin is and include the list of items with each number. Then, you could simply use the map to find exactly what you need every time.

Put extra effort into protecting your most prized possessions.

Using a storage unit to store and organize your possessions is a great idea. Using a climate-controlled storage unit to store, organize, and protect your possessions is an even better idea.

All kinds of valuables are sensitive to fluctuating humidity and temperature. Wood, paper, plastic, instruments, and more can all be irreversibly damaged if they’re stored in uncontrolled climates. If you’re storing something delicate or valuable, you should definitely consider investing in climate-controlled storage. It’s the best way to keep your stuff safe.

Take time to downsize.

If you’ve ever looked around and thought, “I have waaaay too much stuff,” then this resolution is for you. If you want to downsize your home to better organize and appreciate the things you have, that’s great!

Downsizing starts with going through your home one room at a time and looking at everything. Pick things up and ask yourself, “Should I keep this, donate this, throw this away, or put it into storage?” Answer the question, one thing at a time. Before long you’ll probably see a marked difference. If there’s something you don’t need but can’t bring yourself to get rid of, there’s always storage.

Never forget to have a little fun.

Having fun doesn’t have a lot to do with self storage, we’ll admit. It does have something to do with our attitude toward life and work here at Storage Direct, however.

When you start the new year, don’t forget to give yourself a chance to just enjoy things. It’s a lot easier to accomplish new goals when you approach them with a relaxed and positive attitude.

Never hesitate to call the team at Storage Direct if you’re looking for help staying organized. We’ll make sure you have enough space for your prized possessions and feel good about your organization. Have a happy New Year!

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