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How Can I Save Money During My Big Move?

admin | Jul 08, 2019

Moving is a daunting task. This fact is doubly true when you're doing it with a tight budget. 

The costs go beyond just securing your new living space. You have to think about packing supplies. You have to worry about moving things from one place to another. The dollars can add up. The first step toward saving money on moving is planning ahead. Doing the research and making a little effort will make all the difference. That’s why we've put together our best dollar-saving tips to help you make the best - and most affordable - move possible.

How to Save Money in General

  • Here's our most important tip of all: make a moving budget. Determine how it will work and write down all potential costs. Create a projected total, and then use that to work out where you can healthily cut costs.
  • Consider making your move during off-season. This is, on average, between October and April. Most people prefer moving during warmer months. If you're willing to accept the slight discomfort of moving during fall or winter, you can save big bucks.
  • Take time to do competitive research. If you're using a moving company, don't just settle on the first one. If you're moving far away for a job, look into the best moving companies near your new home. Talk to people, get advice. It'll be worth the time spent.

How to Save Money When Packing

  • Source boxes are free. You can look on your local Craigslist to see if anyone is listing them. You can also go to a nearby grocery store and see if they have any fruit boxes in the back they’d be willing to give you.
  • Alternately, you can rent moving boxes instead of buying them. 
  • Creatively use things you already have to avoid the need for additional boxes. For instance, you can pack up clothing in suitcases. You can use dresser drawers as packing vessels. Garbage bags can be filled with blankets and other linens. When it comes to tape and other materials, check out the dollar store. You'll be surprised how much you can find for lower price points.

How to Save Money When Physically Moving

  • Don’t hire movers. Move yourself. You can ask your close friends and family for help. This same mindset can be applied to packing as well. It might take a little longer, but the dollars saved will be much greater.
  • Make the process easier by using a storage unit. You can skip a moving van and instead move things into the unit and get them car-load by car-load. This also makes it easier to organize as you go because you only have to worry about a little at a time.
  • If you have a lot of heavy media, like books, consider shipping it. This may sound counter-intuitive, but the USPS offers affordable Media Mail options for situations like this.


The biggest tip we can give you is to plan and think ahead. After that, it’s a little ingenuity, a little research, and a little luck. If you want to make sure your luck is guaranteed, give Storage Direct a call. We’ve got the budget-friendly, self-storage solutions to meet all your needs.

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