Spring Cleaning During a Quarantine

admin | May 21, 2020 @ 12:00 AM

Spring... hasn’t exactly turned out the way anybody hoped it would. Your annual big spring cleaning has probably been the last thing on your mind lately. Regardless of how necessary postponing your cleaning plans is, however, it may come at a cost: clutter stress.

It’s easy to stress out about the state of your home right now. You have to see it all the time. Even if you can’t declutter as well as you’d like, though, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it at all. Here are a few great ways to start spring cleaning, even during a quarantine:


Dusting is easy to forget to do, even in regular times. When you have so much else going on, it’s all too easy to neglect entirely. One dubious… benefit to being inside all the time, however, is that you probably tend to notice dust more often. Now’s the perfect time to do something about it. Wait for a sunny day and spend some time dusting the rooms you use most often.

Organize and rearrange surfaces as you dust, and you’ll have done a great job of organizing a whole room while you’re at it. If you don’t know what to do with any of the stuff you find during your dusting foray, set it aside in organized piles. We’ll come back to those piles later! If you want to feel really productive while you’re at it, you could even scrub down your surfaces with disinfectant or wash them with soap.

Take stock of your “quarantine” rooms

These are the rooms we recommended you dust: the rooms you find yourself in most frequently during the quarantine. As you dusted, we recommended you make piles of things you don’t know what to do with. Now’s the time to go through these piles. Ask yourself why you placed each item in the “doesn’t have a place” pile. Then ask yourself “do I need this?”

You don’t have to throw out the stuff you can’t figure out what to do with right now. Instead, start a “donate” or “dispose of” pile somewhere else in your home. Consider throwing small stuff in a bag to put in a closet or mudroom. If you decide you do need the stuff in your pile, find a place for it somewhere other than your quarantine room. If you end up taking too many things to another room, consider following this process in that room, as well!

Deep clean your quarantine rooms

Now that you’ve started organizing your quarantine rooms, it’s the perfect time deep clean. If you don’t have time or feel overwhelmed, break this section up into chunks or do it for 20 minutes at a time. Whatever you do, don’t stress yourself out about it--remember, this whole process is supposed to reduce stress. Figure out what it would take to make your quarantine rooms feel really clean. Make a checklist!

Once you have your cleanlist, move through it one step at a time. Vacuum or mop. Sweep up crumbs, dust, or cobwebs. Scrub surfaces, walls, furniture, and fixtures. Shampoo your carpet, if you have the materials! Whatever you do, take it a step at a time and be thorough. Reward yourself for completing an item on your checklist. When you find something out of place or something that’s cluttering up the room, put it aside in another “don’t know what to do with” pile.

Make some lists

Remember: these aren’t normal times. You should neither expect nor demand that you get through your entire checklist. That’s ok! The most important part of spring cleaning is making the plan. After you’ve deep cleaned your quarantine rooms, start there. Take stock of everything in the room one last time. What do you want to change? Fix? Update? Replace? Write it down and label it by priority.

Try to limit your list to only the quarantine rooms for now. Worry about the rest later. When you’re done with the list, make the plan. When will you realistically be able to tackle each of these projects? Label even the very easy ones, like “replace the batteries in the remote.” That’s a task you can feel good about accomplishing, too. Once you have your list, work through it at your own pace and in your own way. Try to do a little something every day.


These steps might feel rather simple. That’s good! If you’re ready to get serious about your spring cleaning, go to town! Er… figuratively. These are just easy suggestions on how to start taking back your home from the clutter and stress of quarantine. Spring’s the perfect time to take stock!

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