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How to Best Pack Clothes For a Move

admin | Aug 16, 2018

Packing your clothes for a move is never fun. They’re bulky, hard to carry, hard to organize, and nearly impossible to keep in any discernible order… usually. If you follow these tips, however, we promise you’ll be able to find your clothes on the other side.

These clothes-packing pro-tip will help you learn how to better fold, fit, pack, and organize your clothing. When moving day comes, you’ll be so ready to go that your clothes will be a non-factor! Plus, you’ll have something to wear after your first night in the new place!

Lay them out and sort them.

This means going through every closet, nook, cranny, trunk, attic, or dresser in your house. Find all your clothing, wherever it may be hiding. Lay it out in piles somewhere that’s easy for you to work, like your bed. Pair things together based on categories that make the most sense for you. Keep your piles organized; you could even label them if you have to!

Get rid of things you don't need.

Since you're moving, take this time to take a really close look at things. Don't keep anything you haven't worn in over a year. Look especially hard at any stuff you already had in storage. If you notice mildew or mold, just throw it away. Donate the things still in good shape and throw away the things that aren't.

Before you pack the rest, fill a bag with clothing you'll want right away.

Even the most organized people don't unpack their entire home in the first day after a move. You'll want your favorite clothing items right away, so make sure they're easy to access.

Pay attention to weight.

Just like with books or other items, clothing can get heavier than you realize rather quickly. It's best to pack clothing into a larger quantity of small boxes than a few especially large ones. Check on boxes by lifting them to make sure the weight inside isn't too much to split the bottom.

Consider bundle packing.

Bundle wrapping can crease your clothing, but it makes packing a lot of clothing quickly much easier. Start by laying your large items of clothing out flat on a clean surface. Then, stack other articles of clothing on top, one at a time, going from largest to smallest. Roll all these stacks together in a bundle, and secure that bundle with rubber bands. Put the bundles into your moving boxes.


If you’re not ready to get rid of any clothing, you can always store it away in a storage unit. Pack them in plastic bins, label them accordingly, and come back to them as needed.

Storage Direct offers a wide variety of size and space options for all variety of needs. With our help, you can hang onto your clothing without having it clutter up your limited closet space. It’s a win-win!

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