A Catch-All Guide to Organizing Your Books

admin | February 14, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

There are hundreds of different ways to organize a book collection. Maybe you only want to put your tomes on shelves that look like trees. Maybe you subscribe to the peculiar trend of shelving books backwards. Or maybe you want to build a little cabin out of your books, then live inside it as a happy, literate hermit.

What we’re trying to say is, there’s no single “right” way to catalog your books. If you have a technique you want to try, then you should try it! If you’re stuck without any ideas, however, we’ve got a few good ones here. These are five of the most common and (admittedly) basic means of organizing your books. If one of these sticks out to you, then give it a try!


This is the go-to book organization method for traditionalists everywhere. Your shelves won't be the most aesthetically pleasing, but you'll always be able to find what you're looking for. It's up to you to decide whether you want to do it by author name or by title. If you do decide to list by title, we recommend making your life easier by not counting "the." Unless you want a big “T” section, that is.


This method will involve a bit more work, because it’s up to you to decide your "genres." If you often feel like reading a certain “type” of book, however, this could be the method for you. By figuring out your own genres, you can create groupings that fit your interests for easy access. Whenever you want to read some trashy romance or heady sci-fi, you’ll have all your options right there!


This method of organization won’t help you find your books, but it will make for a pretty bookshelf! Shelves that have cascading or matching colors are aesthetically fun and cheerful. You could even arrange books so that they match the prevailing color in the room where you store them. Arrange the books in whatever way makes their colors pop for you. Books can be decorations, too!


If your book collection is full of dense history tomes, this one's for you. Let's say you have an entire bookshelf devoted to the English monarchy, for example. You can start with Egbert of Wessex and finish with the latest magazine updates on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Arranging your books chronologically will help you find eras you want to reference much more easily. It’s often much harder to remember the authors of history books than it is to remember the subjects themselves! That’s kind of sad to think about.

However You Want

In the end, storing your books is up to you. When it comes to our possessions, it's often good to be organized. It helps us better appreciate and get the most use out of the things we own. How that organization translates into our real lives is up to us, however. If you think of an off-beat organization method, then you should go for it!

Maybe you want nautical books in the shelf by the living room chair. Maybe you want big, impressive-looking books for inspiration in the study. Whatever makes you happiest is the organizational method you should choose. Even if that means you choose no organizational method at all!


If organizing your books is still too much to handle, we have one last suggestion: put them in plastic bins and stick 'em in a storage unit for later. Storage Direct can help with that. A storage unit will keep your books safe and preserved for whenever you need them.