4 Situations When Your Office Could Use a Storage Unit

admin | October 8, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

If you manage or own an office, you know how much work it is. You’re in charge of just about everything. You have to make sure there’s always coffee for the coffee maker, paper for the printer, and chairs for the meeting room. You’re sorting mail, answering phones, setting up email addresses, work computers… and pretty much everything else. The point is, you’re working hard. A big part of that hard work is making sure that there’s a place to put everything you need.

Unfortunately, finding that space can be difficult, especially if your business space is small. If you can’t find the space for everything your business needs to operate to its maximum potential, you could consider a storage unit. Here are five reasons your office can benefit from the use of an off-site, self-service storage unit:

1. You have to store a lot of old documents.

Storing paper copies of documents on-site can quickly become untenable, especially for small businesses. An offsite document storage unit can make a huge difference if you need to keep physical evidence of transactions or business goings-on. Not only will you have a place to keep any important documents you don’t need on a daily basis, you’ll free up space for other supplies. Storage units also offer increased customizable security and space options as your business grows.

2. Your agency or recording studio uses props.

Creative agencies often work with props for a variety of different projects. As you coordinate design projects, photoshoots, or events, you wind up with single-purpose (and often...unusual) props. Over time, you could easily run out of space for all of these unique but not particularly useful props. These props could be absurdly annoying to deal with, especially if they get in the way of your business! 

If you can’t get rid of leftover props for whatever reasons, you could always find room for them in storage. Store props and other necessary-but-cumbersome physical items in a convenient offsite storage unit. You’ll still have them when you need them, but they won’t be in your way when you don’t. Everybody wins!

3. You’re running out of space but you’re not ready to move.

Moving your office is a big ordeal. You’ll have to find the right place, secure the funding, prepare all the documentation, sign the lease, inform the employees and your clients, and prepare your office equipment. And all of that has to happen before the actual move! 

If you’re running out of space in your current office but you’re not ready to commit to a new one, a storage unit is the perfect alternative solution. You can store what you need in your unit, free up space in your current office, and look for moving options at your own pace. The stuff you keep in storage will always be there when you need it, so you won’t feel pressured to commit to the wrong space. 

4. You need better security than an office park can provide.

The right storage unit can offer your valuable or sensitive business materials absolute protection. Storage Direct offers units with increased security. 24-hour watchmen, number locks, and remote digital monitoring. 

These sorts of security features aren’t always found at your average office. If you need to protect sensitive materials but can’t always afford to secure them in your own space, a storage unit is a great option.

If you’re interested in a customizable storage unit solution for your office, get in touch with Storage Direct. We have a wide variety of options to fit your needs, no matter what they may be.