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5 Tips for Organizing in Preparation for a New Baby

admin | Nov 30, 2018

If you’re reading this post because you’re expecting: congratulations! If you’re reading this post because you care about someone who is expecting: great work! Bringing a new life into this world is hard enough as it is without worrying about the mess you left behind. Keeping organized after your child is born is going to be… well, impossible. That’s why it’s so important to get a jumpstart on it now.

Here are five super easy to follow tips for staying sane and organized in the days immediately following childbirth. These might sound a little like overpreparing now, but trust us: you’ll want all the preparation you can get! Follow these tips to make bringing your new baby home just a little less stressful:

Put together kits for the rooms you use most frequently

Having a newborn is overwhelming in a lot of ways, some obvious, some less. One of the overwhelming things you may not expect is how many things you’ll need all the time. Most of these things will be sitting all over your home in a million different places. The only place they won’t be, in fact, is where you need them. Unless you prepare ahead of time, that is!

Put together a small bin or tote bag filled with common baby-care necessities for each of your frequently-used rooms. Stuff that bag with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, washcloths, and whatever else you think you’ll need--because you will. Keeping your necessity bag in an easy-to-reach place. That way you’ll always be able to find what you need, even when you don’t have time to look.

Don't be afraid to clear things out to make room

A baby is enough work without having to worry about tripping over unused possessions. Do a deep clean before the big day comes. Enlist the help of your friends and family to clear out junk.

You can create piles for things you want to throw away, donate, or keep. Alternatively, you could always just clear things out into a storage unit. That way, it’s all out of your way before the big day.

Take a realistic approach to mementos

Every moment you spend with your new baby is one of the happiest moments of your life. It makes sense, therefore, that you want to save keepsakes to remind you of all those precious moments. Feeling that way is beautiful and worthwhile. The problem is, it also means you’re going to save a lot of stuff. Probably too much stuff. We’re sorry, but there it is.

Before you end up with an insurmountable pile of mementos, it’s prudent to manage your sentimentality just a little. We’re not saying you should rein in your excitement; just… keep it organized and manageable. Decide what you’re going to keep before you grow attached to it. Have a dedicated place for whatever you’re interested in keeping. Maybe consider holding onto things that are small, rather than very large. You can still amass a collection of physical mementos without running yourself out of your own home.

Make sure you don't lose important paperwork

When you come home from the hospital with your baby, you're not just coming home with a new family member. You're also coming home with a whole host of records and paperwork. Make sure you know where and how you're going to store all of these records. All this information is very important, and you’ll want to be able to access it quickly.

Consider scanning everything right away so you can store it online. You could also pre-purchase a zipper binder with dedicated sections for each type of record.

Don't expect things to go perfectly

You're doing great, no matter what. Don't stress yourself out if things get a little messier than usual. As long as you remind yourself that you don't have to be perfect, you'll make do just fine.


If you need some help storing your stuff to prepare for this exciting time, Storage Direct is here to help. We have solutions to fit the needs of anybody, whether they’re new parents or not. Congratulations again, and good luck!

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