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4 Stretches to Help You Prepare for a Move

admin | Aug 24, 2018

Tackling a move on your own without professional help can be overwhelming. There are a lot of things to plan, organize, track, pack, and move. The moving part in particular can be especially difficult. Furniture is heavy. Boxes of possessions are cumbersome.

The last thing you want on moving day is to pull something. After all the time you spent planning, being out of commission on the big day isn’t an option. That’s why we’ve put together this list of four stretches to help you prepare for your DIY move. They’ll help loosen you up and make you ready to lift what needs lifting.

Leg Stretches

A lot of heavier lifting involves using the muscles in your legs because of their increased strength capacity. There are multiple muscle groups in your legs that take on the weight of something heavy. It’s very important to work your thighs, calves, and hamstrings before you lift anything heavy heavy.

  • Thigh: Brace yourself against a wall or door frame. Bend your knee back until you can grab your ankle. Pull up slowly, hold, then repeat.
  • Calves: Stand with your feet flat on the ground. Step forward to bend one knee and arc forward at the same time. This will stretch the calf of the leg you aren’t currently extending. Hold, then repeat, extending the opposite leg this time.
  • Hamstrings: Sit on your bottom. Stretch one leg out to the side and bend the other at an angle. Reach forward as far as you can, grabbing your ankle or foot. Hold, and then repeat.

After these stretches, your legs will be good to go.

Arm Stretches

You’re going to give your biceps quite the workout on moving day. Make sure they're ready with this simple stretch. Straighten your arms and pull them as far behind your back as you can. Clasping your hands behind your back if you can. Hold, loosen, and then repeat this motion a few times.

To double down on the arm stretches, give your triceps some attention. Reach up with one arm and then bend it at the elbow. Take the other arm and reach over, grasping the elbow and pulling it toward your head. Hold, then switch to the other arm. Switch back and forth a few times before releasing.

Core Stretches

Full-body work is a great way to prepare for a move. Working your body and core thoroughly by doing an hour of yoga or pilates the morning before your move.

As an added bonus, both of these practices are known to help clear the mind and relax the body. Not only will yoga help loosen you up, it’ll also help you de-stress and mentally prepare for the move.

Wrist Stretches

Don’t underestimate the damage wrist strain can cause. You could pull or sprain your wrist just as easily as you could another part of your body. In fact, moving puts a special strain on wrists. Holding boxes often involves bending or twisting your wrists in contorted, stressful ways.

Protect your wrists from potential injury by starting your moving day with a series of wrist rotations. Spin your hands, press them against a flat surface and rotate your arms. This stretch will help work the muscles in your wrists.


Storage Direct is here to help make your moves easy, whether you do them yourself or you get professional help. These tips can help keep your body safe, and we can keep your stuff safe. Next time you’re in need of a storage unit, don’t hesitate to give Storage Direct a call. Have a safe move!

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