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Moving Horror Stories from Your Friends at Storage Direct

admin | August 26, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

Moving horror stories: everybody has them. Whether the weather was unforgiving, your stuff got swindled, or something equally unpleasant, everyone has a story to tell. While our staff at Storage Direct has a bit more knowledge about packing and unpacking than the average person, they’re not all immune to the woes of a bad luck move.

We sent a survey out to all of our staff members about their best stories and collected our favorites here for you:

He had a bunch of snakes that he didn’t tell me about. No, seriously, a bunch of snakes. I was in my second year of college and living out of the dorms for the very first time, and my previous dorm roommate said his older brother was looking for someone to live with. We met and got along fine, had similar interests, and I decided to move into the second bedroom in his apartment. He didn’t tell me that the second bedroom was the home for his python and four additional snake tanks that would have to be moved to the living room so my stuff could go in. I ended up living at home with my parents that year instead of subjecting myself to that level of horror.”

“It was my husband and my first house together. The papers were signed, we had the keys to the new place and a full U-Haul to unload, and… an absolutely horrible blizzard started. We ended up just bunking down in an empty house with sleeping bags and frozen pizza until the snow stopped 12 hours later and we could start the horrible, freezing act of moving our things in. I’m thankful to be living somewhere a lot warmer these days.”

Some guy stole by box marked ‘video games’ out of the back of the moving truck while I had my back turned and booked it. I still miss my Super Nintendo.”

“This is embarrassing, but my long term college boyfriend and I broke up while in the middle of moving into our second apartment together. There was a horrible, loud fight and I ended up having to pack all my stuff in my car, drive it to a storage unit, and crash on friend’s couches until I could find a new place.”

“It was really, really gross. You don’t wanna know.” You’re right, we don’t!

“This didn’t happen to me, but to my grandparents. They called a newspaper ad for movers and the movers came with a truck and loaded it up with a good number of their things and… drove right off! My grandfather liked to say that he hunted the thieves down and beat them all up with his bare hands, but grandma said that they never found them or the truckload of things they stole ever again.”

Whatever life may throw at you, Storage Direct has both the packing materials and storage solutions to help you overcome the unexpected and keep your things safe. We’d love to hear some of your moving horror stories in the comments below, especially if you think you can top our employees’ tales.

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