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6 Tips for Managing a Move During Rainy Season

admin | Jul 10, 2018

There are a lot of great things about rain. It waters the plants, cools hot summer days, and makes the air smell fresh and clean. There are bad things about rain, too, however, like how much harder it makes the process of moving.

Sometimes nature doesn’t agree with you on your moving day, but you can’t or won’t reschedule. For situations like that, give this blog a read. We’ve listed the top six things you can prepare to make your rainy day move doable.

Remember that garbage bags are your best friend

Garbage bags are your number one cheap-and-easy waterproof protector. Modifying your packing and your move to include them will help you protect your possessions from the rain.

Garbage bags are surprisingly versatile. You can use them to cover clothing on hangers, wrap paper goods inside boxes, or a makeshift moving day poncho!

Skip the moving blankets

If you have big furniture to move, don't use moving blankets. They're not waterproof, and if your furniture is especially sensitive, they could even cause warping or damage. Instead, you should look into plastic tarps, covers, or shrink wrapping large furniture pieces and mattresses.

Have a singular staging area

Moving on a rainy day means that you're going to get wet. Before you go outside to put things in your truck or car, stage them all in a single room or space. By putting all your items in your front room or garage, you can avoid having dripping wet people run through the home.

In the same vein, get your moving vehicle as close to your staging area as possible. Your main goal is to reduce the amount of time you spend out in the rain.

Keep things slip-proof.

Rainy days means slick driveways and sidewalks. To keep it safe, set up pathways from your staging area to your moving van using cardboard. If you don't have cardboard, you can use old sheets, carpets, or rugs that won't be missed as well.

If you can, set up an assembly line.

If you have enough people helping you, you can set up an assembly line to pass boxes from person to person. This method of moving will drastically reduce the amount of mud your movers track into the home.

Pull out towels to wipe things down as you go.

After you move something into the truck, dry it off with a towel right away. You don't want to unpack things at your new home to find that all your possessions smell musty.


Making your moves successful is one of the priorities of the team at Storage Direct. Our other main priority is providing versatile storage unit solutions for anyone who needs to put a few things away while moving.

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