Take it all in.

That piece of advice might mean nothing to you, or, if you’re the sentimental type, “taking it all in” means taking a picture of every last idiosyncrasy in and around you home as you reminisce about the times you slid down the banister, or picked the fruit off the apple tree in your backyard every fall.

Moving day can be a thrill and an emotional time. Before you get too caught up in what’s happening, read these 5 more tips and tricks you should know before moving day.

1. Say hello to the neighbors.

If the cliché image of meeting your new neighbors with a plate full of brownies isn’t really your thing, there are plenty of other ways to be welcomed into your new abode. Say hello as you’re picking up the mail or spark a conversation to gage a common interest. These people are probably going to be around for a while. You might as well meet them now instead of awkwardly waving at each other for the next however-many years.

2. Don’t get too attached to a plan.

The moving day you’ve been anticipating might be picture-perfect, or it might be pouring rain and the moving team is two hours late. Don’t panic. Come in with a plan, but be adaptive and realize things will change. You can complain all you want, but your attitude is what’s going to define the day.

3. Gather boxes. And bubble wrap — lots of bubble wrap.

It’s going to be tough to estimate how many boxes you’ll need, but gather more than you think you’ll need. It might not look like much when everything is in your cupboards and closets, but it adds up as you’re packing. Be sure to protect your things as you pack, too. Moving blankets and bubble wrap are great resources to make sure your great-grandmother’s delicate dishes don’t break on the drive.

4. Tour your new home and create a floor plan.

Unless you’re an interior designer or extremely organized, you might not have an exact picture of where you’d like to put everything in your new place. Take a tour of your future home and create a rough floor plan. It might not be a bad idea to share the illustration with your moving team. That way, you’ll be aware of where most things are, and you’ll spend less time unpacking.

5. It’s ok to be sentimental.

You won’t get this time back. The squeaky old floorboard, the crooked outlet, the scuff on your floor from the time you ran through the house cheering for your favorite sports team — these were the tiny quirks that made your home yours. Take one last walk around your yard. Cook one last meal in your kitchen as you stare out at the tree you planted 10 years ago that’s provided you with shade for all those picnics. It’s all right to miss these things, but remember your memories will always be there, and your new house will soon become a home full of oddities and markings. And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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