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Items Needed To Move Successfully

admin | October 3, 2014 @ 12:00 AM

Moving is a challenge. It is an endeavor that can be wonderful, and terrible, all at the same time. After all, you never know how much stuff you have, until you have to move it all. Before you just randomly start throwing items into boxes, know that moving is an adventure. And just like any good adventure, the proper supplies are necessary to make it a success. While the list of items to help make your move a success could wrap around 5 city blocks, here are what we consider to be the most important.


Boxes. This one is a given. Your stuff has to go in something. Some people prefer cardboard boxes, and some people prefer plastic totes. You can generally get cardboard boxes from your storage company or moving company for a decent price. Plastic totes are a bit more expensive, but they will also last longer. The Container Store generally has tons of totes for a good price.

Sharpies: You need to label your boxes. It is a necessity. Whether you’re packing in cardboard or plastic, sharpies serve this purpose admirably.

Packing Tape: Another given. You’ll need it for closing boxes, or taping things together to keep them from getting lost. Tip* Invest in the snazzy tape gun with the big handle. It makes taping your boxes easier and faster, and you won’t have to spend any time trying to find the end of the tape every time you want to tape something.

Duct Tape: Duct tape comes in handy more often than you would think. It’s stronger than packing tape, so it will hold up better on heavy duty items such as taping table legs together after dissembling your table. Just make sure you cover the items with plastic beforehand, as duct tape tends to leave sticky adhesive residue behind when removed.

Packing Paper: Some people still use old newspapers for this purpose, but actually purchasing packing paper means no ink transfer on your hands or items. Do you really want to have to rewash all your dishes after unpacking them because they are now covered with newsprint ink? We didn’t think so.

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Heavy Duty Garbage Bags: Not everything needs to go into a box. Blankets, towels, clothing, shoes, pillows; are all items that can be packed and moved in a garbage bag. Not to mention, they will come in handy for the metric ton of actual trash that gets generated whenever you move.

Sandwich Baggies: Sounds strange, we know. But nothing else will do when you need to keep small items together. Such as screws and bolts from items you dissembled, for example. Throw them in a baggie and tape it to the item itself. Easy Peasy.

Bubble Wrap: Not everything is suitable for paper wrap. While great for plates, you’ll want something a little more heavy duty for insuring that the china you got on your wedding day makes the move undamaged.

Heavy Duty Stretch Plastic Wrap: Next to cardboard boxes, plastic wrap may be the most important thing you can have in any move. Items get bumped and knocked around when they are moved, that is expected. But there is nothing quite as annoying as noticing ugly scratches and gouges in your furniture at the conclusion of your move. Plastic wrap can make that a thing of the past. Wrap all your large items in three layers before moving them. Refrigerators, washing machines, dressers, nightstands, couches. Anything large that might suffer damage can be wrapped in plastic and protected during the move. Make sure you spring for the dispenser. It makes wrapping large items less of a headache.

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Moving Blankets: You’ll want these for covering items like picture and paintings. Also for covering large furniture you intend to set other items on.

Dolly: Otherwise known as a hand truck, a dolly can be an indispensable moving tool. It will save your back when moving boxes, appliances, and large furniture. Just make sure you use it as directed, and use the tie strap that comes with it. Dropping a washing machine on your foot is not something you want to experience.

Rope: You’ll need this to stabilize things in the moving truck. Tie large items to the walls so they don’t shift dangerously while driving.

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