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How Can I Run My Small Business From a Storage Unit?

admin | Feb 15, 2018

Working out of a storage unit: at first glance, seems like it would be simple. The rent is affordable. There's enough space. It's modern, low-impact, and cool. Easy, right? Unfortunately, however, most storage unit companies aren't going to just let you move in... for a lot of mostly good reasons.

That said, you don’t actually have to set up shop to run a business out of a storage unit. Instead, you can utilize a storage unit to help bolster your business on your way to bigger things. Here are a few ways you can utilize a storage unit as the home base for your business:

Store extra stock and pack orders

If you send your product all over the world, a storage unit could be perfect for you. You could use one to organize your product for easy access. It’s a huge help when going through the never-ending slog of packing orders.

As an added bonus, a storage unit facility probably has better security than you have at your home and apartment. Keeping inventory there will help you do your work without worrying about possible theft.

Keep your tools safe and secure

Two things are always true of the tools or machinery small businesses rely on. One: it’s expensive. Two: it takes up a lot of space. A storage unit is perfect place for your tool chest and other space-squashing tools that aren’t used as regularly as the average screwdriver.

Most storage units are easy-access, so you’ll have the security you’re looking for combined with the accessibility you need.

Store artwork or other creative goods

A climate-controlled storage unit is perfect for an artist looking to store their artwork in between galleries. Keeping sensitive artwork in climate-controlled storage prevents it from being by humidity or temperature fluctuations.

Store your sales materials while traveling

If you're a sales professional, it usually means you spend a lot of time lugging around pamphlets and other materials. A storage unit is a great solution for anyone who spends a lot of their time hustling.

Keeping materials stored in a unit allows you keep your home a place of relaxation, not work. Meanwhile, your storage unit can serve as a secure and accessible workplace to call your home base.

No matter what your storage unit needs are, and no matter what type of small business solution you’re hoping for, Storage Direct can help. If you'd like to read more storage tips for small business owners, check out our post detailing 7 Self-Storage Tips for Small Business Owners.