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How to Avoid Moving Day Injuries: 7 Tips

admin | May 10, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

The day has come to transition your life’s belongings from one location to the other.

If you’ve prepared, your boxes are already packed, your route is mapped and you’ve got a steady army of friends to offer support and boost morale.

But in the midst of the excitement and chaos of moving day, you might find yourself with a bag of ice on your foot, or a trip to the emergency room in the near future.

Don’t assume you’re invincible — check out these tips for avoiding moving day injuries:

1. Lift with your legs

We know you’ve probably heard this tip before, but we can’t stress its importance enough! With anything — but especially heavy things, such as that dense box of dishes — there’s a proper lifting technique you should follow. Squat down while only bending with your knees and hips. As you stand back up, always keep your back straight. If you put too much pressure on your back, you could pay for it later.

2. Know your limits

You’re only capable of so much. Telling yourself you’ll reward yourself if you lift that heavy box, or thinking you’ve got the capacity to move something if you can do it quick is never a good idea. Know your limits, and don’t go beyond them — you could seriously hurt yourself!

3. Ask for help

As we just stated, you don’t have to be talented at everything. And when it comes to moving, there’s no shame in asking for help. Your friends and family are valuable assets, and they’ll sprinkle in a little fun to an otherwise mundane, stressful day.

4. Take your time

Unless you’re in a pinch and racing to beat the clock, there’s no rush to the moving process. We’re not saying you should put tasks off or delay their completion, but don’t attempt to rush and load the moving truck as fast as you can. It sounds nice to be done, but staying organized while packing and loading in a reasonable, efficient timeframe is best. A pizza break is often the trick to gaining some lost energy.

5. Clear a path

Moving is messy. Your belongings are right here and over there — you couldn’t even tell yourself what’s in that box sitting over there by the window. Don’t worry about knowing the location of absolutely everything you own, but keep track of the basics with simple labels on boxes. It’s also important to keep pathways clear. You might trip and fall because there’s something blocking your route.

6. Dress appropriately

Have you found some of your favorite old clothing items in the process of moving? Don’t put them on just yet. Avoid any clothing that restricts movement or has the potential of slowing you down. Sandals or flip-flops aren’t a worthy choice as you could be more apt to trip or drop something on your toes. Don’t dress too warm, either — getting overheated in the hassle of moving will slow you down.

7. Get the right tools

Even with the extra support from your helpers, a few tools might make the job even easier. Invest in some good boxes and avoid filling them over 50 pounds. If you’re in need of transporting heavy items, a dolly, or two-wheeled handcart, will ease the load and help you transport your things. Be sure to also have some old newspapers or packing blankets on hand to protect any items that require extra care.

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