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5 Easy Spring Home Organization Projects

admin | May 14, 2019

Like Leo Tolstoy famously wrote in Anna Karenina, "Spring is the time of plans and projects." The air is clear, the sky is blue, and your windows are ready to open. Everything closed off and cold during winter has a chance at a new life! That includes your home. One way to welcome the coming of Spring is by taking on projects that will improve your home's organization.

The team at Storage Direct has listed five of our favorite spring projects below. We chose each of these projects because they’re nice and quick. You should be able to complete them in thirty minutes or less! By following these tips, you’ll be able to prep your home for spring and still have time to enjoy the weather.

Start things off with a good ol’ fashioned spring cleaning.

It’s a lot easier to organize things that you’ve already cleaned. There are a lot of great spring cleaning checklists out there. Whichever one you choose to follow, make sure it’s thorough. A proper list won't forget any corner of your home, from walls to rugs to dusty corners. Fair warning: if you do it all at once, it’ll definitely take more than 30 minutes. Break it down into room-by-room pieces for an easier-to-tackle effort. Do the kitchen today, the living room tomorrow, and so on.

Use your DIY spirit to organize entryway catch-all areas.

Choose an entryway mess-making culprit: mail or keys. Both of pesky perennials end up sitting all over the house and creating messy pile-ups. Luckily, however, they’re also both easy to organize for good! All you need is a little DIY spirit!

Start by gathering up your mail and creating an actual place for it (other than the kitchen counter). Create a mail catch-all area by setting a ceramic platter on a counter or sideboard. Place mail there when it comes in and secure it on place with a glass cloche. If you want your keys to belong in one space, consider screwing vintage (or vintage-inspired) hooks into the wall next to your front door. Voila! Now you have a designated place for both your mail and your keys! Never go searching for them again!

Hang some pegboard.

One of the biggest problems with a disorganized home is not having enough room. You don't know where to put things so they pile up. The solution? Look to the areas you didn't already consider viable storage real estate. Places like your walls!

A single piece of pegboard bolted to the wall can become many things. A place to hang pots and pans, a way to organize craft supplies, the foundation for a shelving system. With a little creativity, you could create your own new space!

Give the junk drawer a once over.

Junk drawers: the bane of any home organizer's journey. The place where the randoms end up. The miscellaneous pile of miscellany. The “stuff” drawer. How can one properly organize it? There are a lot of guides out there.

Our favorite tip? Take everything out and then go through it piece by piece. Divide up everything you put back into the drawer into different categories. Place those categories into individualized containers within the drawer for easy future access.

Tackle your book collection.

Books are one thing that are easy to acquire. Even if you're a rapid reader, you probably have more books than you know what to do with. Spring is the perfect time to go through your tomes. Decide what to donate and what to keep. Then, choose a new book organization method for your soon-to-be-shining shelves.


Your next step in spring home organization can be as simple as removing things from your home. If your basement is packed or storage stuffed, we can help. Storage Direct offers plenty of different space-saving, home-organization-friendly storage unit solutions for people of all varieties.

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