7 Halloween Costumes to Make Out of Old Moving Boxes

admin | October 21, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

We've given you plenty of tips for best handling a move. We've helped you create a realistic moving budget, protect your floors during the process, and pack fragile items. We've guided you on stretching, organizing, labeling, carrying, and more. What we haven't done is give you the ultimate advice on what to do with moving boxes after a move.

Well, here it is, the advice you’ve been waiting for: use the boxes to create Halloween costumes. For you, for your kids, for the dog--for whoever wants one. We’ve listed our seven favorite cardboard moving box costume ideas below.

You can be a mint condition Barbie - still in the box.

This one is best for kids, because most moving boxes aren’t big enough an adult’s body. All you have to do is cut a large hole out of the box and pull it on. Then, have your little one dress up as their Barbie of choice. Voila! You’ve created an outside-the-box Halloween costume by thinking… inside the box.

Be a robot.

Use a bigger box as the main torso of your robot costume by cutting arm and head holes. Paint it silver, draw or add buttons and other doodads. Complete it by using tin foil or extra HVAC piping for your arms and legs. Put it together and you’ll be ready to bee-boop your way to a Happy Halloween.

Create cardboard doggy armor.

Fair warning: most dogs probably aren’t going to want to wear this for long. Take a box and cut it into pieces. Cut holes into each of the pieces and tie them together with yarn. Create your own custom suit of armor for your pup by using that yarn to tie it on.

When it comes to pet costumes, cardboard is actually one of the better materials to use. It isn’t too heavy, it’s not uncomfortable, it’s cheap, and it can get dirty. Plus, you can decorate it to match your costume! Just… don’t try to force it onto your pet if they’re not having it.

Be a claw machine.

Claw machines are box-shaped, and so are… boxes. Ok, so the concept isn’t particularly creative, but the execution can be! This costume takes some extra effort since you’ll need to be able to get stuffed animals inside with you. Create the machine’s “glass panels” by cutting portions from the box and leaving them open. You could also replace them with cheap acetate panels.

When you’re finished, get inside, cut leg holes, and have someone help you fill it up. For something so straight-forward, it’ll look quite impressive and unique!

Be a lego!

You've probably noticed the pattern by now: taking a regular box and cutting arm and head holes, then decorating. It’s simple, easy, and best of all, it’s fun. The same idea applies here. Paint the box whichever color you like. Use cleverly cut and glued box pieces to create the telltale lego knobs. You could do multiple colors for multiple kids and coordinate!

Try Tetris blocks

If you’re looking for a family costume, consider Tetris blocks. Tetris blocks are boxes, after all. Use what you have to create the shapes you want (we recommend the notorious ‘L’ block). Cut holes in the front for your faces, and then paint or color the block however you want. Tetris blocks might be the easiest group costume that will still impress. Win costume contests everywhere by being able to show that the pieces actually fit together!

Be an appliance!

Why not transform your washer box into a washer? Refrigerator box into a refrigerator? All it takes is scissors, a bit of ingenuity, and some paint. We guarantee nobody else at your Halloween party will be dressed as a microwave!


These are only a couple very basic ideas thought up by a bunch of Halloween-loving nerds. The fact is, there are about a zillion other cardboard box-based costume ideas out there. You’re only limited by your imagination. Well, and how much cardboard you have.

Happy Halloween to you and yours from the storage unit experts at Storage Direct!