It’s all so appealing.

There are grand, front steps that climb to a red door, which opens to your dream home. It’s filled with elegant fixtures and furniture. A modern kitchen opens to a living space big enough for your entire family, and then some.

And then there are the hours you’re going to spend writing checks to buy furniture and cleaning the floors instead of going out with your family and spending time outdoors.

Despite the many benefits of a large living space, downsizing to a smaller home might be better suited to your lifestyle. You don’t need to give up everything, but you might be happier investing your money, time and energy toward other things that matter to you. Here are a few benefits of downsizing to a smaller home that could change your lifestyle for the better:

Spend money on what matters to you

You’ve got your routine down to a “T”. Checks for utilities, checks for property taxes, and checks for routine maintenance at the address you’ve made memories of and come home to every day. But aren’t those checks you’d rather be writing to cover that vacation you’ve been dreaming of?

Houses are expensive, and the recurring expenses that come with larger homes can set you back further than you think. As much as you love your four-bedroom home with the grand hallways and large windows, you’re going to have quite the opposite relationship with heating bills and the price of furniture you need to fill the space. Downsizing to a smaller home means your pocketbook could cut you some slack, and you’ll have more money to spend on things that matter to you. The benefits of downsizing might outweigh the ongoing costs.

Spend time doing what you love

Describe your perfect Saturday. Unless it involves a morning of deep cleaning followed by fixing the squeaky door and cleaning the gutters, you might be happier opting in to a smaller space that requires less time to upkeep. Yes, those maintenance items will still be priorities for you at times, but they won’t take nearly as much time. Invest your time wisely.

Invest energy wisely

Think of all the energy you spend on home maintenance and upkeep. Imagine if you devoted that energy toward people in your life. Instead of focusing on material items, cultivate the relationships in your life and free your lifestyle of the stress often associated with a larger home.

It’s common for families to be at home at the same time, but that doesn’t mean they interact with each other. With a smaller home, you’re often subtly pushed toward spending more time with each other. You might be surprised to find out how much you’ve been missing!

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