Is that how your painting looked when you put it into storage?

Damage from fluctuating temperatures and humidity is a common problem in storage units, and tossing tarnished items is often the result of a problem that could have been solved before storage even began.

If you’ve decided to purchase a storage unit for organizing your life, be sure you’re aware of what could happen to your treasures. Here’s what you need to know about climate-controlled storage units:

What does “climate-controlled” really mean?

In a climate-controlled storage environment, the temperature will typically be a steady 55-80 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to a combination of heat and air conditioning. This usually only comes with enclosed, finished storage buildings, which provide further protection from elements like dust and dirt. That’s a welcome change to finding your furniture covered in filth.

If you choose to utilize a climate-controlled space, you’ll have a peace of mind knowing your things have extra protection against warping, cracking or rust — not to mention defense against rodents and pests. Some of your items may be prone to mold or mildew damage, which could be solved with a climate-controlled option.

How do I decide if I need climate-controlled storage?

The first thing you should consider is your location. Are you used to below-zero temperatures and snow? Are you familiar with endless rain or unbearably hot days? Depending on your geography, a climate-controlled option might be a no-brainer.

The items you choose to store also play a large role in determining the best storage option for you. When it comes to certain pieces of furniture or documents, you might not be able to afford potential damage. Even if you’re fairly sure the temperature might not make a difference, you could be surprised to find your items warped or corroded. Especially if you’re storing valuable personal documents or you’re anticipating long-term storage, a climate-controlled unit might be best. Computers, heirlooms and antiques are common victims to temperature damage.

At Storage Direct, keeping your belongings safe is our top priority. We offer climate-controlled units and a variety of options for your storage needs in our nationwide facilities. Are you wondering if a climate-controlled space is right for you? Contact us today and we’d be happy to offer our expert advice.