7 DIY Projects to Improve Your Home's Organization

admin | March 14, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

Few things match the joy and satisfaction that comes with successfully completing a do-it-yourself project. These good vibes are multiplied exponentially when that project consistently improves your life. Every time you benefit from your DIY project, you’ll be able to think “I did this!”

These seven DIY home organization projects will all help you experience that great feeling. You’ll be able to have fun and make your home a happier, move livable space all at once. Plus, each of these projects is easy and inexpensive. What could be better? Let’s get started:

1. Create your own jewelry organizer.

All you’ll need for this clever home hack is chicken wire, a staple gun, wire cutters, and a frame. Just trim the wire, affix it to the frame, and bam: your earrings have a new home.

2. Make a new bookshelf out of old crates.

Do you have some old crates lying around? Good, you're halfway toward a stylish, brand new crate bookshelf. All you'll need is at least eight crates, a sander, a drill, and some screws.

Empty out the crates, turn them sideways, and screw them together. You can even arrange the crates into any shape or combination you want. When you’re finished, you’ll have a useful, easy place to store your books. It’ll look great, too!

Turn spice tins into fridge-front organizers.

This is one of the easiest and coolest projects on this list. If you have any old tins lying around, find some you like looking at. If you don’t have any tins, you could also go to your local thrift store to find some.

Glue magnets onto the back of these tins and place them onto the fridge. Make sure the magnets are strong enough to hold the tins up. That’s it! Now you have an easy place to store your kitchen shears, pens, a notepad, whatever you want.

Create a useful magnetic whiteboard calendar.

This project is pretty and pretty useful! Take a magnetic chalkboard, some dry erase vinyl, and a cool labeler. First, cut up the dry erase vinyl into the shapes you want to use for your calendar. You could cut traditional squares for days, long rectangles for whole weeks… or do anything else you want.

When you have the shapes, just stick them onto the adhesive side of the magnetic chalkboard. Trim away any excess vinyl hanging off the sides. Finally, label the vinyl using your labeler. Voila! You have a customized, homemade calendar. You can write your schedule on it every week or month and erase it when you’re done.

Give new life to old baskets.

Large baskets are the perfect storage tool. You can put linens, blankets, pillows, stuffed toys...  or anything else inside them! Unfortunately, old baskets are often, well, old… and ugly.

That's where this DIY project comes in. Using some special decorative furniture paint can help you take a basket from blah to beautiful. Once you’ve given a second life to that old basket, trying hanging it with the next DIY project!

Make a hanging organizer out of simple things.

Projects that help organize your home are great. Projects that help organize your home while making it prettier are even better. This DIY rainbow hook organizer rack is just that.

It takes a simple store-bought wooden shape and turns it into something you can use in many different ways. You could use a wooden rack for kitchen storage, hanging keys, you name it. You could even use them to hang up your new baskets!

Turn old hat boxes into wall-mounted storage.

We love this idea. Not everyone has old hat boxes lying around, but if you do, you’re in luck. Hat boxes are the perfect size and depth for stacking toilet paper and towel rolls. Just super glue a bracket to the back of the box and hang it inside your bathroom. You’ve turned an old box into a decoration and organizational upgrade all at once.

Successful home organization has as many different forms as it has definitions of “success.” Maybe you can find your version of successful organization via one of these DIY projects. Maybe you’ll find it with the help of a storage unit for keeping clutter out of your home.

Whatever your personal definition of organized, we want to help. If you think our storage units can help you organize successfully, give Storage Direct a call. We’ve got the right solution for your storage problem.