How to Determine the Right Size Storage Unit For You

admin | January 7, 2019 @ 12:00 AM

You’ve made a choice. You’ve decided that you want to rent a storage unit. The only problem is, you have no idea what size or type of storage unit is right for you. No need to worry--that’s why the pros at Storage Direct are here. We’ll walk you through the different sizes of storage units we offer and what each size can do.

When you’ve figured out which square footage is right, all you’ll have to do is give us a call to take the next step. Happy storing!

5 x 5

A five-by-five foot storage unit is good for a few extra things. It’ll store a single piece of furniture, a few filing cabinets, some chairs, or some boxes of clothing. This is a great unit for keeping just a few items you don’t have room for.

5 x 10

A five-by-ten foot storage unit has more length than the 5x5, but it’s still small. You can probably fit two large pieces of furniture in here. It's a good size for motorcycle storage or approximately ten to fifteen cardboard boxes.

5 x 15

A five-by-fifteen foot storage unit about what you'd find in a typical single person's one bedroom apartment. It’ll hold a few pieces of furniture, boxes, and clothing. It won't fit appliances and it won't be wide enough for a bed. 5x15s are a good, affordable solution for someone who’s traveling or going through a similar transitory phase.

10 x 10

A ten-by-ten foot storage unit holds about the same amount as the previous unit, except this one will hold appliances too. Think of it as the 5x15, but with a little extra width. It’s also great for wider furniture that won’t fit in long, thin units.

10 x 15

A ten-by-fifteen foot storage unit is perfect for storing small vehicle like a compact car or snowmobile. It can also handle, on average, the furnishings from a two bedroom apartment.

10 x 20

A ten-by-twenty foot storage unit is a good start if you’re storing small home's worth of furnishings. They’re generally good for storing about 2-3 bedrooms worth of possessions. They could also hold a small vehicle, up to and including some boats. Just make sure you check the length first.

10 x 30

A ten-by-thirty foot storage unit is great if you need to store a whole home's worth of belongings. 3-4 bedrooms worth of stuff can fit into the 10x30 just fine. It’ll also work for any type of vehicle, boat, or trailer storage. If you have stuff, this unit will have the space to store it.

Now that you know what size units fit your specific needs, give us a call today. We’ll help you organize, store, and protect your prized possessions in a safe, reliable place.