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Summer Projects 101: Decluttering the Attic

admin | Sep 15, 2019

If you’re like us, your attic is the place to throw things you... don’t want to think about. Unfortunately, however, this habit tends to transform attics from helpful storage solutions into cluttered, messy problems. All those things you don’t want to think about don’t go away, after all! 

The end of summer is the perfect time to turn that attic situation around. The weather is cooling, but it’s not too cold just yet. The air is crisp and fresh so it’s easy to throw open windows to air things out. Your kids are either still around to help or they’re just starting school and they’re out of your way.

We’ve already discussed cleaning your garage, arranging your garden supplies, and emptying your entryway during our summer project series. Today we’re tackling the final installment: arranging your attic. We'll walk you through what you need to do to make your attic an ideal storage space, step by step:

1. Take an inventory of everything in your attic. 

If you've made the choice to organize your attic, the first thing you need to know is what's inside it. This may be harder than it sounds. It's SO easy to forget what's in your attic. 

Get a pen and paper and list everything you have. Use this list to determine what you want to put away, store, donate, or throw out. You can also use it to help determine the categories for items going back into storage. That will help with the organization later. 

2. Take everything out. 

Organizing an attic is easiest when you completely clear it out before putting things back inside. Sort things that are going back into the attic as you take them out.

3. Clean, clean, clean. 

You won’t have opportunities to completely clean out your attic. After you’ve taken an inventory and gathered everything together, seize this opportunity! Sweep, mop, and dust to your heart’s content. When you move everything back inside, it’ll be easier to keep it all fresh and organized.

Put (some) stuff back.

Once everything is out and your list has been made, it’s time to move things back into the attic. Some things, anyway. Sort everything that was your attic into a couple of piles: store, donate, throw out, keep. Move the “keep” pile back into your attic and categorize it by type. Keep like-items together. Don’t move the other piles back into your attic. Store, donate, or throw them out. Try to see how much stuff you can get rid of! 

When you’ve put everything back, we recommend storing it all in plastic containers. Organize these boxes with colored tape or write what's inside in sharpie on the box itself.

The last and most important tip: put anything you want to keep but don’t want sitting around in a storage unit. There’s no harm in having extra, purposeful space for the things you want to hang onto. Storage Direct offers customizable self-storage plans for home and business owners alike. 

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