Having guests in your home can seem to cut the size of your home in half.

When guests lug in suitcases full of personal belongings and gifts for the holiday season, you might begin to wish you’d cleaned out that guest room closet to make space.

It’s not too late.

This holiday season, make purging your home of excess stuff a priority. Check out these 4 places and ways you should clear the clutter in your home:

1. Go through the pantry

Your pantry is a good spot to start as you get rid of clutter in your home. Glance over the expiration dates on food items and quickly toss the items that are past their prime. If you haven’t touched that year-old can of soup — even if it’s within its expiration date — there’s a good chance you won’t heat it up in the near future. And consider placing those items in a donation box, passing good food to others to make room for your favorite treats or ingredients.

2. Decorative items

When you pull out boxes of holiday decorations, there are always a few old knick-knacks that make you cringe. When you can’t think of a good excuse to keep them stashed away, you reluctantly place them on your living room shelves in hopes of pleasing the relatives that gave them to you. Unless they have great sentimental value to you, consider donating items you hate or have no use for. They’re better off at another home than collecting dust in your attic or basement.

3. Your closet

You might as well go through the clothes in your closet while you’re at it. Get rid of those sweaters you never wear and that stained pair of pants that have no use taking up space in your closet. And during the holiday season, it makes sense to make some room for holiday shopping trips!

4. Clean out your calendar

The clutter in your home isn’t the only thing taking over your life. It’s also important to clear out your calendar from time to time and make time for activities you actually like to do. Don’t ditch all of your obligations, but maybe that trip to the grocery store can wait until tomorrow so you can spend some time with the kids or relax with a book.

Every once in a while, we need to get rid of inner clutter, not just the physical clutter taking up room in our homes. Often, we overload our schedules and need to purge ourselves of excess events.

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