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A Beginner’s Guide to Feng Shui

admin | Jul 17, 2018

Feng shui is a belief system originating in China that believes in balancing the “energy” of one's physical space. By arranging the things in your home in certain ways, you can direct your home’s energy to flow in a way that promotes harmony and peace. Feng shui takes into account your home's landscape, color scheme, furnishing, and decor.

 Feng shui is a deep and often complex system. We can’t make you Feng shui experts (because we certainly aren’t!), but we can teach you a few of its basic concepts. Here are four easy ways to incorporate the basics of feng shui into your life.

Keep your toilet lid down

The toilet is a drain. According to feng shui, If you leave its lid open, you're allowing good energy to "drain" from your home.

Don't keep broken things

Broken things are representative of a broken home. Replace wonky door handles, recycle broken appliances, and get rid of anything that's unusable. Broken things block energy from flowing through a home. Addressing them makes your space feel lighter and healthier.

Use natural light and air

Open your windows whenever you can. Make sure that the light-facing side of your home is letting that light in. You can take this tip further by introducing air-purifying plants or full-spectrum light bulbs into your space. These are representative of the Yin element, which will introduce tranquility and peace to your space.

Find your home’s “natural energy”

Defining the energy map, or “bagua,” inside your home means determining how the energy of your space flows. Many aspects of your home determine its bagua, including where you live, the angles of your home, and the space and objects within it.

There are various "schools of thought" when it comes to determining your home's energy. Once you read about the process and find your home’s inherent energy, you'll be able to arrange furniture and decor in ideal positions.


Feng shui is a deep and complex practice, but many people have found peace from adopting the ideas into their home.

If you really want to commit to feng shui, we recommend renting a storage unit. You can store things until you’re sure where they belong in your defined space.

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