Questions to Ask Before Adopting Minimalism in Your Home

admin | October 7, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

Decluttering your home is a transformative process for many people. After considering all their possessions, many people want to take their organization process further by adopting minimalism. At its essence, being a minimalist means simplifying your living with fewer possessions and fewer distractions.

Minimalism is a fairly intense lifestyle to adopt. It's hard to know if you're ready for it, even if you want to be. Before committing to the change, ask yourself the questions below. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll know whether you’re ready for minimalism or not.

This is the most important question to ask yourself: why?

What about minimalism draws you? Do you want to have fewer possessions to worry about so it's easier to move or travel? Do you want to switch careers and have fewer responsibilities? Does all that stuff just make you anxious?

We recommend writing down a list of the reasons you like the idea and thinking about them. Take the time to determine if minimalism is a change you can sustain or not.

How sentimental am I?

One of the core tenets of minimalism is letting go of your reliance on physical things. This means you should only keep the things most important to you. Not everyone can do this easily, and that’s totally fine.

Are you the type to get sentimental about your possessions? Can you let go of things from your past or gifts from loved ones (even if they’re unused)? Ask yourself this and answer honestly. If you can’t or don’t want to, minimalism may not be the lifestyle for you.

Does my partner feel comfortable with this change?

If you live with another person, your decision won’t affect just you. Like any big lifestyle change, you’ll need to talk to your partner about what minimalism means to you and why you want to pursue it. Then you’ll have to decide if it’s something you two are willing to pursue together.

One easy way to “test drive” minimalism is by renting a storage unit. Clear out unnecessary things from your home. Leave only the stuff you regularly use or need. Instead of donating or trashing everything else, put it in a storage unit for a month-long test drive. At the end of the month you’ll know whether or not minimalism is for you. If it is, the things you’re getting rid of are already organized. If it isn’t, all you have to do is move your stuff back home.

Have I looked into helpful reading materials?

There are plenty of resources available out there for people who want to read and learn more about minimalism. Some of our favorite blogs on the topic include Slow Your Home, The Art of Simple, and Becoming Minimalist.

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