9 Lesser Known Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

admin | April 10, 2018 @ 12:00 AM

We’re frequent proponents of the benefits of climate-controlled storage. It’s the best way to keep the widest variety of items safe, secure, and protected in an easy-to-use and access way. We’ve talked about the benefits of climate-controlled storage before, but today we’re digging deeper. Here’s a list of nine lesser-known benefits of climate-controlled storage.

It helps you to protect family heirlooms.

Whether it’s great grandma’s beloved wooden buffet or boxes of old family photos, climate-controlled storage makes sure they don’t fall victim to mold and mildew.

It can keep your wine collection tasting great.

Wine collections are a precarious thing. The way a particular bottle of wine tastes can change over time depending on the temperature, humidity levels, and other subtleties. A controlled environment allows for controlled taste, which helps to secure the valuation of rare bottles over time.

It can protect leather furniture.

Just like wooden furniture, leather furniture is especially sensitive to humidity levels. If it’s too dry it can become fragile and crack. If it’s too humid, mold can develop on and within it. You have to keep leather furniture in just the right conditions. Conditions like the inside of a climate-controlled storage unit, for instance!

It can keep your musical instruments in tune and sounding great.

Storing instruments in a secure and controlled environment is essential if you want to preserve the integrity of their sound over time. Instruments are delicate… instruments, and they need special consideration - whether they’re wood, brass, or steel. The best way to keep instruments safe is to store them in low-humidity, temperate situations like those available in temperature-controlled storage units.

It can help you keep important family documents organized and safe.

Do you really want to risk the integrity of your important documents by throwing them in a box in the basement? Basements flood, get moldy, and so on and so forth. Climate-controlled storage keeps them safe without those added risks.

It can be your own personal library.

We’ve already talked about how these types of units can help to protect paper goods. Why not put a whole lot of paper goods inside? You could call it a library, and live the fancy intellectual life you’ve always dreamed of.

It can be the perfect home for your unused electronics.

Want to hold onto those vintage gaming systems, but you aren’t using them? You should store them properly in a place where moisture can’t get into their circuits.

It can allow you to store things without having to worry about pesky pests.

Climate-controlled units have more staunch security process in place in order to maintain their promise of temperate, humidity-free storage. This means more protection against pests and more safety for your possessions.

It gives you peace of mind to know the things you care most are safe.

This one isn’t lesser-known, but we’re putting it on the list anyhow.

Here’s the best part: climate-controlled storage from Storage Direct is accessible, affordable, and easy to use. Contact us today about how to secure your very own unit.