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7 Space-Saving Tips for Packing Your Suitcase

admin | January 22, 2016 @ 12:00 AM

You envy those travelers with a single, small bag that’s supposed to last them a week.

It seems impossible that these masters of traveling could have fit everything in a carry-on suitcase. But you could learn a thing or two from their packing skills.

The guidelines for bags you can bring with you on a plane have changed over the years, and some airlines and countries are more strict than others. Regardless, check out these space-saving tips for packing your suitcase:

1. Pack half of what you need

If you’re short on space as you’re packing, perhaps it’s time to downsize. Take a look at everything you’ve packed. Then, think about the fact you could probably survive on half of that. In order to save space, take out any items you could live without.

2. Consider bags that shrink clothes

Maybe that extra pair of jeans won’t be joining you on your trip, after all. If the amount of clothes you want to bring isn’t compatible with the size of your suitcase, consider space-saving measures such as compressible bags. The space bags will help to squeeze an extra sweater or two in your suitcase.

3. Roll your clothes

You’ve heard it many times, but rolling your clothes instead of folding them will indeed save you precious space. This quick tip might allow some extra space for those shoes you wanted to pack.

4. Stick to neutral colors 

If you’re limited in what you can pack, maybe that red pair of boots isn’t such a good idea. Stick to neutral colors so you can mix and match clothing items. That way, you can make the most of what’s in your bag and avoid over-packing.

5. Use travel-sized items

If it doesn’t come in a travel-sized bottle, don’t pack it. Much of the room in your suitcase will be taken up by bottles and bags of things you think you need. By packing travel-sized items, or transferring products to smaller containers, you’ll save on space. You could even ditch the bottles altogether by buying travel-sized versions when you get there.

6. Stuff things in your shoes 

Shoes take up perhaps the most room in your suitcase. Instead of dwelling on their bulkiness, take advantage of it! Stuff your socks, phone chargers or other items inside your shoes to save on space.

7. Consider an expandable bag

Chances are you’re going to be going home with more stuff than what you came with. Whether it’s that souvenir from the gift shop or a knitted scarf from grandma, anticipate a few extra things on your trip back and leave extra space accordingly. An expandable bag is a great way to ensure you’ll have enough space.

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