Whether you’re frequently reaching for your gloves or constantly sitting in front of a fan, temperatures of either extreme don’t merely affect your comfort. They can also affect your belongings.

When you’re short on space and using a temporary storage unit, you don’t want to open the door to realize an extreme temperature has damaged your things.

You don’t need to store everything in a climate-controlled unit, but these 7 items might not fare well without one:

1. Wooden furniture

Temperature can affect your wooden furniture in ways you don’t expect. Your old wooden rocking chair could crack, fade or deteriorate much faster in extreme temperatures. And even if it’s in a climate-controlled unit, be sure to raise it off the floor to prevent any water damage.

2. Wine

Your wine could taste much different than you anticipate if it hasn’t been sitting in climate-controlled storage. Fluctuating temperatures could cause it to age differently and affect the taste. Instead, protect it from the elements.

3. Paper products

When it comes time to place your collections in storage, a climate-controlled unit is a must for comic books, stamps, photos and other paper products. The items could attract moisture and warp or bend.

4. Musical instruments

Humidity is known for having a negative effect on pianos and string instruments. In fact, most music instruments don’t do well in fluctuating temperatures.

5. Art

There’s a reason art is kept safe in a gallery. You should treat your own art the same way. If moisture builds up and humidity begins to take its toll, your treasure art could be irreparably damaged.

6. Electronics

Your stereo or TV might be on its last leg when you take it out of storage. Temperatures can affect your electronics and cause them to function poorly. Opt for a climate-controlled option, instead.

7. Antiques 

You were probably reluctant to place antiques in storage in the first place. But when you don’t choose a climate-controlled unit, there’s no saying what could happen to some of your prized possessions. It’s not worth it to find out.

If you’re looking for a climate-controlled storage unit, Storage Direct can help. Our nationwide storage facilities are safe, secure, and can keep your belongings safe while offering the convenience you’re looking for. Contact us today to find a unit near you.